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Rosmini College student leaders 2013

The Rosmini College Head Boys for 2013 are:

Year 13 students Jack Timings (17) of Milford and Benjamin Curran (17) of Takapuna.

Jack hopes to, “continue the outstanding legacy of our Head Boys.” He is studying Geography, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry and Music. Jack enjoys playing tennis and soccer. He is also a classical singer. Consequently, Jack wishes to study Musical Performance, along with Engineering, at University.
Fellow Head Boy, Benjamin, would “like to leave a personal mark on what is already an excellent school.” He is studying English, Accounting, Statistics, Geography and Economics. Benjamin hopes to gain entrance into University through scholarships and high marks.
The Deputy Head Boys are Jacob Ngaha (17) of Takapuna and Oliver Tyack (17) of Muriwai.
Jacob is Maori and he is studying Music, Japanese, Physics, Calculus and Classical Studies this year. He enjoys Karate and, as well as passing NCEA Level Three this year, he also hopes to “help the school and its students.” Oliver hopes to gain “respect from my peers and teachers for being an effective leader.” He is studying Geography, English, Biology, Statistics and Chemistry. Oliver has received the Duke of Edinburgh Award and he has also won titles in National Orienteering competitions. He is a Regional Lifeguard who is PHEC (Pre-Hospital Emergency Care) qualified and he is also the U19 Lifeguard of the Yearm as well as a member of the Murwai/Waimauku First Response team and the Muriwai Volunteer Lifeguard Service First Aid Officer. Oliver plays Soccer and Waterpolo. He would like to pass NCEA Level Three with Excellence as he wishes to do a degree in Medicine.
The Sports Captains are Ben Hyatt-Brown (17) of Greenhithe and Callum Simmonds (17) of Waimauku.
Ben wishes to “help lead the younger students.”  He is studying Economics, Statistics, History, Geography and English. Ben plays for the School’s 1st XV Rugby team and he is an Under 18 North Harbour Rugby Representative. Ben has also been selected for the Auckland Blues Development Camp.
Callum plays for the school’s 1st XI cricket team and he is the Captain of the 1st XI Soccer team. Callum also plays for Waitakere City’s Men’s Premier Football team. He wishes to “raise the profile and support of sport teams at Rosmini and contribute positively to the school in as many ways as possible.”  
Callum is studying Statistics, Classical Studies, Physics, Economics and English. He hopes to pass NCEA Level Three with Excellence.
The Rosmini College Prefects for 2013 are: Zion Ahn, Logan Barnes, Campbell Brock, Miles Broderick, Xavier Choi, Joseph Coddington, Lorenzo Datuin, Mitchell Davie-Martin, Ryan Kennedy, Logan Milicich, Josh Murdoch, Dominic Nano, Conor O’Leary, Harry O’Reilly, Brad Pivac, Henry Pyc, Jacob Rennie, Jack Simpson, Daniel Smyth, William Tozer, Logan Turner and Simon Woodard.

Rosmini College receives 27 Scholarships

Rosmini College has received 27 scholarships – five in English, four in Chemistry, three in Statistics, three in Geography, three in Academic Physical Education, three in Technology, three in Graphics, one in French, one in Biology and one in Japanese.

Rosmini College’s 2012 Head Boy and Dux, Ray Hu, was the National Top Scholar in French. This means he was first in the country in this subject and he will receive $2500 per annum towards his future University studies. Ray will also travel to Wellington, alongside his French teacher, Mr Eric Elgoyhen, to receive an award from the Governor General.
This year’s Sports Captain, Callum Simmonds received an Outstanding Scholarship in Geography and this year’s Head Boy, Benjamin Curran also received a scholarship in Geography. What is particularly remarkable about Callum and Benjamin’s achievements is that they were both only Year 12 students when they sat their scholarships.
Year 13 students, Terry Lee and Foss Shanahan received two scholarships each: Terry in Biology and Statistics and Foss in Chemistry and Graphics.
The other students who received scholarships were Charles Lan, Harry Wick, Daniel Hilton-Jones, Chris Samson, Godfrey Chan, Momio Miura, Dong Jun Kim, Justin Rosaria, Daron Digges, Theodore Carlos, Jacob Holden, Kazusa Morita, Daniel Keeling, Alex De Vries, Charles Tucker and Antonio Ornelas.
97% of Rosmini students received NCEA Level One in 2012 with 65% achieving a Merit or higher. 95% of students received Level Two, with 61% achieving a Merit or higher. 94% of students received NCEA Level Three, with 45% achieving a Merit or higher.
Rosmini College’s top scholars for 2012 were:  in Year 11 – Joseph Gibson, Ethan Breinhorst and James Shanahan; in Year 12 – Callum Simmonds, Lorenzo Datuin and Jack Timings and, lastly, in Year 13 –Foss Shanahan, Ray Hu and Jacob Holden. Joseph Gibson set a new school record by receiving a total number of 140 Excellence credits, Ethan Breinhorst received 138 and James Shanahan received 101. Callum Simmonds received a total number of 131 Excellence credits, Lorenzo Datuin received 130 and Jack Timings received 127. Foss Shanahan received a total number of 95 Excellence credits, Ray Hu received 90 and Jacob Holden received 88.

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