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Education: Westlake Boys High School

Westlake Boys continue to impress with Outstanding Academic Results

Westlake’s young men once again made themselves, their families and their school feel very proud when they received their examination results in January.

The school achieved its best-ever results for the third year in succession, and we were delighted that the hard work of so many students had been so well-rewarded.

In Year 11, 96% of our students achieved either NCEA Level One or a full set of good IGCSE results. Virtually everyone who started with us in Form 3 passed this level. It was also very pleasing to see that so many students thrived in our competitive environment: they were not prepared to accept simply passing their exams, but wanted to do the very best they could. In IGCSE examinations, 58% of all grades were an A or an A*, our highest proportion yet; and in NCEA Level One examinations, half of all students [50%] were awarded a Merit or an Excellence endorsement overall.

There were also some wonderful individual performances. Caleb Gemmell led the IGCSE charge with eight A* grades, followed by Omar Hassan and Oliver Li with seven. Caleb also had the distinction of passing AS Level subjects in Mathematics and English Literature a year early. At Level One in NCEA, top students included Yoon Ho Cho, Matthew Southey, Nico Phiilips, Cody Williams and Chenhao Zhuang. All achieved impressive Excellence endorsements.

Our young men also achieved exceptional results in Year 12: a 93% pass rate across Cambridge and NCEA. In their AS Level examinations, nearly all our boys achieved University Entrance a year early - they don’t leave, of course, but they go into their final year knowing that they are free to aim very high indeed. Over half of all grades were an A or a B once again, and eight boys, including the 2013 Head Boy, Jesse Medcalf, achieved A Grades in five subjects, one of which has to be studied in their own time. The NCEA Level Two results were our best yet, with 90% of boys passing the level and 30% achieving a Merit or an Excellence. We had another group of highly-achieving boys managing an Excellence endorsement, and it was great to see that there was some competition to see who could manage over 100 credits at Excellence level.

We had a huge number of students in Year 13 last year - well over 400 - and we were very pleased to see that the programme we have had in place for three years has now had a significant impact at this level as well. As usual, our Cambridge A Level students showed that they are ready to wow universities in New Zealand, Australia, the USA and the UK: they achieved a 99% pass rate, with over 60% at a higher grade. Prasad Ravi, our 2012 Head Boy, Matthew Lie, our 2012 Cultural Captain, and Jae Ha Lee recorded five A* grades - a first for us - and we anticipate some great Scholarship results when they are released later this month.

In their Level Three examinations, our senior NCEA students also achieved very highly indeed, with nearly 90% achieving Level Three and another high proportion of Merit and Excellence awards. Top performers in these examinations included Tommy Jiang, Jong Min Kim, Bill Ko, Gligor Kostovski, Bhavin Parshottam and Jordan Wareham, all of whom achieved strong Excellence endorsements.

Perhaps most impressive of all, 81% of our students achieved University Entrance, 325 young men in total. And we can be confident that our students are well-prepared for their tertiary studies: we continue to emphasise the ability to pass external examinations, and continue to avoid the temptation to favour internal assessments that can be taken more than once. Our students show us that they have the skills to flourish in examination conditions, and we are delighted to offer them a traditional route to success.

In addition, the school’s excellent scholarship results continued a grand total of 79, including 11 outstanding scholarships. The top individual performers were Prasad Ravi and Jefferson Wong with 6 scholarships, Matthew Lie with 5(including 2 outstanding) and Jae Ha Lee and Colin Ong with 5 each. Fraser Capill, Andy Kim, Daniel Kjestrup, Charles Robertson and Pita Roycroft also received multiple scholarship awards.


Cambridge IGCSE    Business Studies    Samuel Brotherton    Top in New Zealand

Cambridge IGCSE    Economics    Ray Ong    Top in New Zealand

Cambridge IGCSE    Foreign Language German    Ray Ong    High Achievement

Cambridge IGCSE    Foreign Language Mandarin Chinese    Baozhen Fang    High Achievement

Cambridge International AS Level    Applied Information and Communication Technology    Xiang Meng    Top in the World

Cambridge International AS Level    German Language    Philip Fricke    High Achievement

Cambridge International AS Level    Physical Education    Max Rogers    Top in the World

Cambridge International A Level    Applied Information and Communication Technology    Brad Lonergan    Top in the World

Cambridge International A Level    Geography    Pita Roycroft    Top in the World

Cambridge International A Level    History    Pita Roycroft    Top in the World

Prefect Body

At the recent Prefect Assembly, the following boys were announced as the senior student leaders of their school: Jesse Medcalf(Head Boy), Matthew Canham and Benny Zhang (Deputy Heads), James Rankin and Jack Salt(Academic and Sports Captains) and Marty Davenport(Senior Prefect and Murchison House Captain).

The other House Captains announced were Lucas Rosa(Stanley), Joel Zaia(Ururoto), Aiden Reynolds(Pupuke), George Aitken(Hood) and Max Rogers(Smale). The rest of the prefects selected were: Pattara Amatatamatucharti, Mitchell Atkins, Jared Bellas, Nic Clark, Matthew Cole, Ryan Davenport, Brodie de Gouw, Avery Duckett, Tom Duffett, Albert Folasa-Sua, Nathan Fouhy, Michael Fraser, Tamati Harris, Scott Houston, Pete Hurst, Haydn Jack, Ja Won Jang, David Kim, Callum Law, Sean Law, John Lee, Samuel Lie, Taylor Mansfield, James Mount, Oliver Parris-Piper, Simon Qi, Oliver Sclater, Matt Snelling, Cameron Tier, Thomas Tulloch, Aaron Tunui, Sam Walsh, Tom Wang, Ben Waters, Cameron Webster, Sion Wiggin, Yishen Zhou.


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