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Calendar Girls and Silly Cow at Rose Centre

Calendar Girls

Company Theatre, the resident theatre group at The Rose Centre in Belmont, has landed the rights to stage the popular play “Calendar Girls” that centres on the women of the Rylstone Women’s Institute in North Yorkshire.

And true to the story – which sees members bare all as part of an alternative calendar – the cast will drop everything for a good cause. “We decided a few months ago that we would like to perform this play and be included in such a unique experience and the response from those in the society has been amazing,” director Kathy Gent said. “The author Tim Firth is hoping to break the record for the most productions of a play worldwide within a 12 month period and we are proud to be part of that record attempt.”

The play is based on the real life story of the Women’s Institute in North Yorkshire, who were accustomed to producing a charity calendar each year – with the best rural snaps they could capture.

But, in an attempt to raise funds for a local hospital after the husband of one of their members fell ill, they opted instead to produce a calendar featuring naked snaps of the group – as opposed to the usual genteel rural scene.

The calendar became a worldwide sensation – out-selling some of the biggest pin-ups on the planet and generating enough interest to spark a smash hit film.

“The popularity of the play – which has been in the West End for many years and continues to tour professionally, and the response to the original film being so positive means that we have a great deal to live up to,” says Kathy.

“It is so important to carry on the legacy of this story and expectations are high.”

“The challenge will be to exceed those expectations and bring our audience something new by way of enjoyment and insight into this amazing tale.”

Silly Cow by Ben Elton

The hilarious comic revenge tragedy from the master of comedy

“Crude, clever and killingly funny” ~ Daily Mirror

Local theatre company, North Shore Players, presents Ben Elton’s first West End success and second play sandwiched between his other stage work ‘Gasping’ and ‘Popcorn’. The popular English-born comedian, writer and director, is well-known for his TV writing credits including The Young Ones, Blackadder and The Thin Blue Line.  He has more lately become known for writing the musical We Will Rock You in 2002 and Love Never Dies in 2010, the sequel to The Phantom of the Opera.

Although first performed in 1991 at London’s Haymarket Theatre, Silly Cow, is still very relevant in today’s celebrity obsessed culture and will keep you either laughing or on the edge of your seat throughout.  

 ‘I trust all editors to be dirty, duplicitous little weasels and not one has ever failed me!’

Phone hacking? Super-injunctions? Elton focuses on actors, the price of ambition, critics and ‘journalistic liberty’ in this astutely observational ‘comic revenge tragedy’. His dry satirical view on the slick and savage world of the tabloid press portrays a protagonist, Doris Wallace, who has clawed her way to celebrity success as a merciless and vicious critic; ‘I’m the nasty cow who slaughters the sacred cows’. She is on the verge of a glorious venture in TV. Moreover, she’s not going to let anything get in her way; not even the “silly cow” suing her for libel. After the case goes to court, Doris naturally believes she has won but has she? All is not what it seems and events shortly start to spiral and conspire against her.

Who will save her - Sidney, the deeply duplicitous prospective boss or perhaps Eduardo, Doris’ “happening” toyboy? Maybe it will be Douglas, her ‘perfect gent’ accountant? Or surely sweet and innocent Peggy, Doris’ trusty PA will come to her rescue? The course of events that follow is hilarious, and at times cutting, but will keep you laughing until your sides hurt.

Silly Cow contains adult-esque humour and is not suitable for young children or those offended by Carry On-style double entendres.


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