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Make Time for Art This March!

David Austin is showing a series of very large photographs which explores perceptions of local identity and a sense of place in small town Aotearoa/New Zealand (Helensville), while fellow photographer Carly van Winkel’s exhibition, You Can’t Eat Bones, questions the beginnings of game trophy hunting and the significance of trophy ownership in today’s society. Her work is presented as an installation-based artwork that includes a printed book, photographic prints, and video. She notes that the exhibition “follows my process from a position of alienation to one of empathy and understanding and finally, unforeseeably, joining the hunt.”

Hye Young (Renee) Kim is an established artist in her homeland of Korea, and is fast gaining a reputation as an exciting and innovative textile artist here in New Zealand. Her works are all hand-stitched (although she does admit to the use of a sewing machine to solve certain problems) and bring together the long cultural tradition of her Korean heritage as well as the new ideas and concepts she has encountered more recently.  Renee will be giving a free public talk in the gallery on Sunday 10 March at 2pm.

Finally, artist John Perry is exhibiting a series of collages in Alphabet Soup which, as the title of his show suggests, focus on text - from a wide variety of ages, styles and sources. John will give a floor talk on the final evening of the show – Wednesday 13 March 7pm. Admission free – all welcome.

The gallery will be closed to the public for a few days from Thursday 14 March while a new exhibition is installed. Geoff Tune has been a painter for over forty years but has seldom exhibited in Auckland (despite living here) and the range and development of his work over the decades are little known. Geoff Tune, Tracing the Seasons, a survey of work from 1969 – 2011 will provide a rare opportunity to study the evolution of a personal style and syntax. Writing on Tune’s work, arts writer John Daly-Peoples notes

“Over the past forty years, Geoff Tune’s paintings have progressed from investigations of the urban landscape into investigations of the landscape of memory. In this time the paintings have acquired an increasing density of meaning as the artist has developed connections between his personal experience, the landscape, history and art history. From his original relatively straightforward paintings of simple geometric houses set in landscape, he progressed to abstract work.... Since then his paintings have combined the two aspects of landscape and abstraction in a controlled and holistic style”. Geoff Tune. Tracing the Seasons opens on Monday 18 March. Dr Michael Dunn and Geoff Tune will give a free public talk on the works in the exhibition on Wednesday 3 April at 7pm.

To acknowledge Easter this year, Northart is holding a special 14 Stations of the Cross exhibition. We invited 14 artists to each choose a station – their works which can be viewed as a walk around in the window gallery spaces in the lead up to and during the Easter break (from March 4 – April 1). The gallery will be closed Good Friday through to Easter Monday.


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