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Unhinged - a five day mini festival of slightly unhinged performances banner

Unhinged - a five day mini festival of slightly unhinged performances

UnHinged, The PumpHouse’s contribution to the Auckland Fringe Festival, features a range of performing art genres across five nights in the first week of March.
The UnHinged season is headed by the play Mancub by Douglas Maxwell. Produced by fledgling local theatre company re:Generate, Mancub held a short, successful debut season last year at The Basement Theatre Studio. The reprise of this play gives re:Generate the opportunity to perform the work in The PumpHouse main theatre.

Mancub by Douglas Maxwell
Mancub is Douglas Maxwell’s stage adaptation of teen novel The Flight of the Cassowary by John LeVert. It is a surreal story of a boy who finds himself able to assume the identity of various animals in order to cope with the usual challenges of being a teenager. The stage version poses some interesting challenges for the three actors who play a range of human and animal characters.
Mancub is a wonderfully inventive coming of age story, following the life of Paul as he starts his final year at high school before entering the big bad world. He’s faced with the usual trial and tribulations of being a teenage boy, embarrassing parents, school work and the awkwardness of teenage dating.  But interestingly Paul starts to see the world differently. His neighbour’s dog can talk to him, he starts to see animal characteristics in his friends and teachers, before finally being able to turn into animals at will whether it’s happening for real or is all in his head, that’s for you the audience to decide.
Bryan Johnston, director of Mancub was initially drawn to the work due to the beauty of the language and the endless possibility to play and create a fun physical piece of theatre; “I loved rising to the challenge of bringing a soccer game to life using only three actors, and turning character from human to animal in front of the audience. The whole production process has been a wonderful and exciting journey that both I and the actors have enjoyed.”

Insomnia in a Daydream  

 Also in the main theatre, Printable Reality presents Insomnia in a Daydream, a new multi-media performance created by Gus Siminovich and Siri Embla whose art-forms encompass performance poetry, movement and music.
On a backdrop of inspirational visuals by Peter Brierley-Millman and soundscape composed by Lawrence Brock (AKA Dubtext), Gus and Siri are bringing to life a stage-dream of kinetic and oral poetry which, at its core, is about something many can relate to – insomnia.
Insomnia in a Daydream is a multimedia theatre performance exploring the layers of that new reality. What happens when you cannot sleep? What happens when you cannot daydream? Is it a gift, or a curse? ‘’Insomnia’’ takes you for a dive into the subconscious mind - personal, interpersonal and universal.

UnHinged Mayor Guitar!

During UnHinged, on Thursday 7th March, Mayor Len Brown will make his first ever visit to The PumpHouse by way of a special cameo appearance on stage during the evening’s performances. It’s all we can say for now but if you want to see our Mayor live in Fringe you’d best book for Thursday 7th March.

Coffee with Eelco

The return of a charming interactive one man show with free coffee and dessert – just for one night.
Nowadays nobody thinks twice about popping down to the local cafe to get their favourite caffeine fix, but there was a time when the art of making a good coffee had not come to our shores.
Nelson natives may remember fondly Eelco Boswijk, a Dutch immigrant who founded the local iconic establishment Chez Eelco, a coffee house which became known nationally and internationally as the place where musicians, writers, actors and arty types would find kindred spirits.  Under Eelco’s kindly eye the Chez was, from 1961 until it closed in 2001, the very heart of Nelson.  Grae Burton, Auckland based actor, writer, director credits Eeelco and the Chez for launching his career and, in 2008, Burton, along with collaborator Tim Coughlin, created “Coffee With Eelco” - a homage to the irrepressible Eelco.
 The show is described as a light-hearted, intimate, interactive experience with storytelling direct from Eelco’s lips, says Burton: “It’s a great story for everybody about a slice of New Zealand history and culture, life and legacy, and the secret to making a really good coffee.  If you want to find out what the secret is, you’ll have to come to the show!”And in the tradition of the Chez, a half time coffee and dessert will be available to all.

What's ON!

March 5-9
UnHinged – a short festival of slightly unhinged performances
Mancub by Douglas Maxwell
Adult $20 Concession $15

Insomnia in a Daydream
Adult $20 Concession $15

March 11 @ 7pm
In the PumpHouse Coal Bunker Studio
Dark Mondays play reading
Unbearable Things
by David Foote
Entry by Koha. All welcome

March 23
In the PumpHouse Foyer
Grae Burton performs his acclaimed one man show
Coffee With Eelco

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