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Heather Vermeer shares a coffee and some serious banter with a local laugh-a-minute character…

The standard of coffee is about the only thing that is serious at Santini. Yes, people who are serious about coffee choose to stop at this iconic spot for their daily fix, but don’t expect any more seriousness here.

Santini is all about coffee. And, with colourful character Joanne Eakin at the helm of this little legendary coffee spot, it is also about having fun along the way.
Since July, mum-of-four Jo has been a familiar face at the Wynyard Street coffee corner. The vivacious Devonport resident and Business Association member sold her Torpedo Bay Café in November and is now enjoying the new central village spot. Her business is a hub of activity each morning, with customers stopping off for their caffeine fix on the way to the ferry, before/after the gym or just to be a part of the casual daily banter.
The charismatic Jo brings sunshine to village mornings with her bright looks and bubbly personality, readily imparting her northern British humour on early risers. Jo’s infectious laughter and Liverpudlian banter can often be heard on the approach to the quaint little boutique coffee spot. Her double act comedy partner and fellow skilled coffee-maker is another local resident Sharon Smith who moved to Santini with Jo from Torpedo Bay Café.
“We do love having banter with our customers,” said Jo. “I think you’ve got to have a laugh and make work fun. We have a lot of fun here!”
“People will be pleased to know we still use Alessandro’s special coffee blend here. It’s a blend that’s unique to us here in Devonport. Our customers often comment on what a smooth taste our coffee has.”
Such is the rapport that Jo and Sharon have with their customers, few regulars have to even make their order – Jo and Sharon tend to know each customer’s preferred choice of coffee.
Jo said: “Quite often people forget to pay or they don’t have the cash on them and they’ll come back and settle up next time!”
As if sent to prove a point, this is exactly what happened as I was chatting to Jo – a customer ordered her usual and settled up the $6.50 she owed. How refreshing that this sort of trusting, community hub of coffee and fun exists in the village. Join the revolution – free smile with every coffee.

Santini, Wynyard Street, Devonport. Open Monday - Friday: 5.30am until 1pm, Weekends: 7.30am - 12.30pm. Ph: 021 664 177.

by Heather Vermeer