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Don't throw it away, it could be worth $$$

We regularly get customers expressing surprise that various old things can be worth something, with many telling me that they have thrown out similar pieces in the past!

Here at Molloy’s of Milford we buy most things that are old or unusual, within reason! We have a treasure trove of interesting items big and small. Perhaps you’ve got a collection of crockery, some porcelain, silver or a large furniture item gathering dust in the attic. So if you’re having a clear out or are just interested to find out what a certain piece is worth, why not drop in ask? We’ll certainly try our best to give you an insight into the origins and value of an item.
We will happily assist in identifying and valuing family heirlooms and treasures and do this at no charge to you. You never know, you could be sitting on a fortune!
If you’re more interesting in buying than selling, then take time out this month to come in to browse our aisles and have a chat.
Here is an idea of just some of the many and varied items we stock and buy. Hope to see you soon!

by Channel Editorial