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 Kelvin Morgan and his wife are frequent visitors to San Francisco, having family in the city. Kelvin says they had long admired the number of restaurant-style burger joints they encountered, and wondered why virtually no one in New Zealand had developed and tailored this fun, relaxed and reasonable concept for Kiwis.
“I always thought the concept was great and believed it would go well in New Zealand, being quite different from anything already here, particularly in the amount of choices on offer and the way it caters for the family dining aspect,” Kelvin says.
In June last year the couple took a trip to the US with Kelvin’s son Clint and his wife Kirsten. Clint’s many years managing restaurants in Melbourne made him the ideal partner and with Kirsten, a trained chef and cake maker and decorator, they form a committed management team. After seeing the concept for themselves, they were filled with enthusiasm, and on their return to Auckland they got to work scouting for potential locations for the idea.
In October they took over the restaurant space next to Whitcoulls in Milford Shopping Centre. They sourced a 1932 Austin truck from TradeMe, shined it up, painted it bright blue, and placed it in the middle of the restaurant, where it proudly serves as the salad bar. Vintage biscuit tins decorate the shelves and walls, and a Coca-Cola mirror bought from the Portobello markets over 30 years ago hangs stylishly above the drinks machine.
“Morgan’s is completely different to anything else around at the moment,” says Kirsten. “It’s based on an American concept and then we’ve tailored it for the unique things that Kiwis enjoy.”
The Morgans have developed a build-your-own burger joint. You choose your burger base (there are three different sized beef burgers, as well as vegetarian options and “exotic” flavours such as ostrich and buffalo), and then build the rest of your burger from the salad bar where you can choose unlimited salad options. The menu also features a range of desserts, nibbles, salads, wine and beer.
With a games room, an open deck, $10 kids meals and large premises, the Morgans have been careful to ensure the restaurant is well-suited for relaxed, stress-free family outings. These qualities also suit Morgan’s well for hosting birthday parties – with Kirsten’s background and strengths adding extra appeal.
Kirsten – who bakes all Morgan’s buns from scratch on-site - has wide experience in cake baking and decorating. It means a party at Morgan’s has the ability to be virtually stress-free.
Open since December, Morgan’s is already proving to be popular with the locals. “We have had a lot of fun so far,” says Kirsten. “It’s nice to have something completely different to anyone else in the area, and people seem to be loving it.”
Morgan’s is open from 9am to serve coffee (some have deemed it the best in the mall) and cabinet items (again, freshly baked by Kirsten), with the grill fired up ready for burgers by 11am.

Milford Shopping Centre – 143 Kitchener Road. Phone: 09 489 34 31, visit: or Facebook search: Morgan’s Burgers.

by Channel Editorial