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Latino Market Day a Success Again

Latino Market Day a Success Again
Once again the sun gods shone on Milford and we had a warm summer’s day for this year’s Latino Market Day. With the Head of Harbour Regatta on Lake Pupuke and plenty of stalls, crowds came to be part of this annual event. Face painting was on the agenda for what seemed like all the children attending, with our people going for three and a half hours virtually non-stop to keep up with demand.
A change this time was having a piano accordion player in the form of local resident Steven Cope, who fitted in nicely to the new café` culture developing at the top end of Milford. See the pictures of the fun event on the next page – you may see yourself there!

New Café Culture transforming ‘Up Town’ Milford
With the opening of some new businesses in the last month, plus some renovations to existing ones, Milford is fast developing a large seven-day café culture. Nowhere is this more apparent than at the top end of Kitchener Road, or as I like to call it, ‘Up Town’ Milford.
With the recent opening of Casa Del Gelato and the change of the old bar to the Thirsty Frog Wine Bar with it’s bright green paint, this area of Milford has taken off. Tea Total and Swiss Bakery just around the corner both underwent renovations and you add Robert Harris into the mix and we are building a nice seven day café culture here.
A new café called the Little King Café is due to open this month, and knowing the owner, I know it will provide yet another reason to come to Milford at the weekend to chill out with friends and have something nice to eat and drink.

As well as this developing area, we also have established seven day cafés; Hamic, in the arcade beside New World, and in the Milford Mall is Coffee Club, Muffin Break, Neo Espresso, Sushi Tomi and the new burger joint in town, Morgan’s Family Restaurant.
So next time you are looking for a great place to go and have something to eat or drink, come down to Milford – Everyone’s Place!

Easter Goodies up for Grabs
This year for Easter we are doing something a little different and participating businesses will be having an easter gift in-store for one lucky customer per business. Just makes it a bit more personal - that’s what we’re all about here in Milford.
So each time you shop at your favourite Milford businesses, check out if they are one of the participating businesses and enter to win. We will have many, many easter prizes for our local loyal community.

Community Vision for Milford
An application for nominal funding to prepare a community vision has been lodged with our local board by Peter Carter of Milford Village Forum. We are hopeful of a positive outcome after their March 19th meeting. Look out for details and have a say!

See you all back in Milford trying out our new Café culture!

Murray Hill, Manager, Milford Business Association

by Murray Hill