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STAND UP PADDLING with Mark Jackson

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NZ SUP Association
New Zealand now has its own Stand Up Paddle Association! Why should you care? For those of you interested in the sport this association will help guide the future of the sport in New Zealand. From things like drafting safety guidelines (ie. will it be compulsory to wear life jackets when stand up paddle boarding) to managing national events.

An election will be taking place during a society meeting this weekend to decide who will fill the various committee positions. To have your say on the future of the sport all you have to do is join the Association (it’s free) and vote for who you think can best fulfil the committee roles. Mark Jackson of StandUp Takapuna has been nominated for a committee position. Naturally, we think he’s a SUPer man for the job and we hope you do too. If you can’t make the meeting you can still vote. How?
Go to, join, and then hit the ‘Proxy Voting’ button that comes up on the screen after successfully joining. From that page you can nominate Mark or Heather (or whoever else) to be your proxy voter, and on the form you can either advise us specifically how you want your votes to be placed, or you can give either of us permission to vote on your behalf to act according to our own instincts. Um, complicated you say… Not!
The whole process takes two minutes, max. Whew! Enough business and on to the SUPer fun stuff…

The Takapuna Beach Cup 2013
An international Paddling event came to the Shore at the end of last month, showcasing some of the best paddlers in the world with over 27 International teams paddling. SUP was represented with a 9km SUP Relay race. For more information see
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Aloha and see you on the beach! The Team at StandUp Takapuna.

StandUp Takapuna – 53 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna Beach. Phone 486-6229
or 022 0723 353 or visit us on Facebook.

by Mark Jackson