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No Rubbish - On or Off Court!

By Adele Lendich, CEO of North Harbour Netball.

Every year at this time of the year I talk about side-line and inappropriate behaviour in sport. It’s not that I am starting the year in a negative way – quite the opposite. It’s about starting the year in a positive frame of mind.

Netball North Harbour is committed to providing a level playing field for everyone involved in netball here at the centre. Inappropriate side-line behaviour is truly against the spirit of our game and it’s our job to deal with indifferent and unacceptable behaviour which potentially can bring our game into disrepute.
It is important to us that every person involved in netball enjoys a positive experience playing the sport that we love. We want to emphasise the importance of fair play ensuring that our court etiquette is at the highest standard at all times.
This year we will have posted relevant signage on our courts as a visual reminder to everyone that inappropriate behaviour is not acceptable.
Secondly I would like to talk ‘rubbish’! And I am seeking everyone’s support please! The rubbish or ‘waste’ at every sporting complex is costly to remove! Auckland Council has advised that they will be removing this service from our Netball centre within the next few months. This means that we need to significantly reduce the amount of rubbish that is left here – and fast! During the winter months we have approximately 20,000 visitors at the centre each week– which equates to lots of empty drink bottles and waste paper. We are hoping that all members and visitors will help us out and do their bit by taking their rubbish home.
The annual cost for rubbish removal is significant. Our goal is to establish and integrate Zero Waste principles and philosophies into our organisation which will considerably reduce the amount of rubbish that is left behind at the end of the day. Please help us out!!
And to conclude – we have recently launched Ladies Day FAST5 netball on a Monday morning and played indoors in our fabulous arena.  Simply come down to the complex at 9am and join a team… or bring a group of friends. We are underway and the turnout in recent weeks has been fantastic. The casual rate is $5 per game or buy a concession card for ten games for $40.
FAST5 is a game for all ages and all levels of fitness are acceptable. It’s a great way to meet new people, renew old friendships and it’s a load of fun. What a great way to start the week!

by Adele Lendich