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New exhibitions opening February 4th at NorthArt

Once again Northart has made an excellent start to the year, with the opening reception of the Fixed Format, the  members’ exhibition, attracting well over 120 artists and their guests. The show went on to prove rather popular (despite the beach weather) but now has  run its course and on February 4 we open a suite of new shows.
While our (Western) New Year holiday seems but a dream for those of us who have been back at work for a couple of weeks, we are now preparing for Asian New Year – February 10 ushers in the Year of the  Snake. Here at Northart we are starting our celebrations a little early with three new exhibitions starting on Monday February 4th.
Taiwanese New Zealander Ivy Ma is a skilled practitioner of traditional Chinese watercolour painting and she will be exhibiting twelve or so works – dramatic landscapes, of quaint, pretty villages teetering on the brink of snow laden cliff faces, as well as serene still lives and flower studies. Jen-Ta Lin also works in watercolours; his compositions and subjects are more contemporary, everyday street scenes, parks and  waiting rooms,  while the third participant is Chinese calligrapher, Jimmy Yuan.
Timing Spaces, an innovative film based exhibition which explores our sense of time and place through both Eastern and Western artistic perspectives, opens at Northart at February the 4th also. It will encourage visitors to slow down and engage with the reality captured in a series of wall projection works – video based pieces as well as interactive art installations which pick up the movements of viewers standing  in front of the work. The exhibition is an Auckland Council initiative and the four featured artists, Mengmeng Guo, Clinton Watkins, Leo Zhou and Robert Carter, are recent art school graduates.
These shows close February 20; the following Sunday evening we open four new and exciting exhibitions.
David Austin and Carly van Wintel are both established photographers who have been studying for Masters of Design degrees at Unitec over the past few years. They will be presenting their graduation exhibitions – Small Town Revelations (Helensville) and Trophy Hunting in New Zealand.
John Perry – artist, consultant, collector and expert in New Zealand folk art – has brought together a body of small intimate collages for his exhibition Alphabet Soup. Working with a Find/ Collect/ Employ philosophy, Perry uses text from a wide variety of ages, styles and sources and includes especially prepared papers to produce art works that are variously whimsical, witty, ironical and thought provoking.
Textile based artist Renee Kim also transforms seemingly everyday bits and pieces of fabric and fibre into innovative and challenging art works. She cuts, patches, stitches and rearranges a smorgasboard of historical Western objects, patterns and images she has collected together with antique linens, fine cloths and ephemera from her Korean culture, and in so doing repurposes them, gives them a new lease of life appropriate for today’s world.
Ivy Ma is also tutoring a Chinese watercolour class for children on Saturday February 9th, 11am start, entry by koha. It coincides with Northcote Shopping Centre’s Chinese New Year festivities, with its full on programme of music and dance, with lots of food and other stalls and of course the traditional dragon dance.
In other public programmes Renee Kim is giving a floor talk on the works in her show on Sunday 10 March at 2pm, and John Perry close his show with a floor talk on Wednesday 13 March at 7pm. All welcome.
If you can’t get to the gallery during regular opening hours (10am – 4pm daily during exhibitions, closed public holidays) make up a party and come along after hours (a small fee applies).  For further information, please contact the gallery on 480 9633 or visit

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