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NZ MADE GIFTS with Nikau of Mairangi Bay

This Month at Nikau

Lovely gifts suitable for Valentine’s Day, beautiful heart and rose candles from Living light in romantic colours. Surprize your valentine with a gift of love from one of Nikau’s many beautiful presents.

Ceramic Red Heart
Jenz studio ltd NZ ceramics and Art.

Wearable Art

Anna Palmer is a New Zealand born artist who specialises in dichroic glass jewellery. Since teaching herself to make dichroic glass jewellery Anna has created stunning pieces of wearable art. Her pieces display a wide spectrum of colours that change when viewed from different directions. The result is fiery iridescence an effect also seen in nature, peacock feathers and opals creating stunning pieces of wearable art.

Wall Art

Nikki Johnson works mostly with glass, Paua and metal, of which is a secret blend. Her art is described as house jewellery - art to adorn your walls. With a passion for her art and surroundings each piece is handmade. Creating her own designs from her studio by the sea in Nelson.

Natural Beauty

Mike Hughes lives in Waiatarua and works from home producing Kauri photo frames. Housed in these beautiful frames are Kevin Kilsby ceramics tiles. Each of his frames are unique and make lovely gifts for special occasions.

Ceramic Beauty

Rod Harris a professional self taught artist has been painting for 15 years. Harris is a versatile artist, painting contemporary and realism inspired by New Zealand coastal and landscape scenes. Harris also produces a range of garden art wall panels. With the vibrant colour palette Harris uses, these ceramic beauties are sure to brighten any home.

Glass Heart

Cre8ive glass heart NZ Made glass wear.

For the month of February selected iconic jewellery all LESS 20%

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