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Get all Sewn up in 2013!

Crafty Knitwits' Linda Goer looks ahead to 2013 and shares her tips on shoulder seem...

Milford does have its own special MAGIC! Our mall is different from all of the others; it is actually pleasant to shop. The street shops are interesting and offer friendly service. At our end of Milford, there is a lot of change happening and it is all good.

Kerry and I have been able to go and have a quiet wine at the new Thirsty Frog just next door to us on Kitchener Road. They are just in the throes of refurbishing, so will be interesting to watch how it develops into a French-flavoured wine bar. In the meantime, it is very pleasant to sit and have a quiet wine - really good idea for Milford! We notice there is refurbishing going on in a few of the other shops at this end of Kitchener Road and, from what we hear, these new businesses will be good for Milford. We are also extending our premises into the Milford Beauty Salon space as they are relocating into Dobson Street. Watch our space as we develop our store and service offerings. 2013 promises to be an interesting year!
 2012 was a busy and challenging year for us. It got a bit hectic towards Christmas, with lots of late orders for Christmas presents, but after a few very late nights, we made it! Kerry’s beautifully handcrafted Christmas trees lit up our windows and caused quite a lot of comment and very positive feedback. It was a bit sad to take them down. If you haven’t visited us lately, it is worth dropping in as we have made more space on the Milford Road side of the building. This means that customers have much easier access and are able to view our fabrics, haberdashery and needlework kits more easily - do pop in for a browse!

What to do for 2013
We have an interesting Class List this year, as printed here. Check it out and book in early, that way you won’t be disappointed. We no longer have one day classes for quilting/sewing projects, but have shifted to having Monday night classes giving people the opportunity to see projects right through to completion. We have just heard so much feedback from people saying that they have attended one day classes, but have never actually finished the project they started to learn. So, for instance, we will run a class on making Bali Bags over the course of a month, giving people time to finish properly and be satisfied that they have learned all the techniques and see completion for the fruits of their efforts.
I was very lucky to be given a Liberty Print English Paper Quilting Kit for Christmas along with a lovely Liberty Print Book. I must admit to be more a knitter than a sewer, but this is hand sewing and I am really enjoying completing the hexagons. It is something I can pick up and do anywhere and the result is very lovely. We may start up an evening group for people who would like to learn this or simply be in good company completing their work. If you are interested, come in and register your interest.

 Tip of the Month
Grafting shoulder seams is a good idea instead of sewing the shoulders together. The finish is much tidier. When you get to the cast off (bind off) at the shoulder, put the stitches on a holder until you are ready to put the shoulders together. You need to have the same number of stitches for each shoulder piece. So, for instance, if you have 15 stitches for the front shoulder, you should have 15 for the matching shoulder piece. Put each 15 stitches on a separate needle with the needles facing the same way when holding the two pieces for grafting together (right sides together) so you are knitting with two needles in the left hand and one needle in the right hand. Put the right hand needle through the front of the first stitch on the front needle and the front of the first stitch on the back needle. Knit as usual dropping both loops off the left hand needles at the same time (so in effect you are knitting two stitches together) and repeat this for the second stitches on both needles and then cast off in the usual way from the right hand needle. Keep repeating this process until you have completed casting off. Voila! You have finished grafting the shoulder and it looks so neat and tidy! - Linda. 

Crafty Knitwits Classes for First Half of 2013

Weekly Knitting Group

Every Wednesday 2 Sessions 1-2.30pm or 7-8.30pm. Tutor: Heather Mcdonald. Cost: $5 per session plus materials.
Light refreshments provided.

Weekly Crochet Group
Every Thursday 6.30-8pm. Tutor: Kerry Bowles. Cost: $5 per session plus materials. Light refreshments provided

Weekly Knitting Project Specific Group

Every Thursday 6.30-8pm. Tutor: Linda Geor Cost: $5 per session plus materials. Light refreshments provided.

Jelly Roll Fun Quilt

4 sessions to complete the quilt. Dates: Monday nights 6.30pm - 9pm. 11 March, 18 March, 8 April, 15 April.
Tutor: Kerry Bowles. Cost: $10 per session (total cost $40) plus materials.
Bring own Sewing Machine. Light refreshments provided.

Baby Bow Quilt

3 initial sessions to start the quilt. Dates for initial sessions: Monday nights 6.30pm - 8.30pm, 22 April, 29 April, 13 May. This quilt is a combination of Machine and Hand Quilting. Further sessions planned as progress of all participants is gauged.
Tutor: Glen Weir. Cost: $10 per session plus materials.
Bring own Sewing Machine. Light refreshments provided.

Bali Bag

4 Sessions to complete bag.
Dates Monday Nights 6.30-9pm, 10 June, 17 June, 24 June, 1 July.
Tutor: Kerry Bowles. Cost: $10 per session
plus materials.
Bring own Sewing Machine. Light refreshments provided.

English Paper Quilting Group

We are thinking of holding this on a Monday Night once a month for people who would like to learn or who already enjoy hand sewing quilts using this method. We have not set any dates yet, just looking for expressions of interest to join this group. No machine required.Co- ordinator: Linda Geor.

Watch out for the second half of the year. We are thinking of having some of the following sessions: Embroidery, Advent Calendar, Bonbon Bag, Christmas Table Runner. Of course Knitathon will be on and this year we intend to include Knitting, Crochet and Quilting and have some new ideas on ensuring we produce good quality, highly desirable rugs and quilts for auction… And of course have great fun! More on this in upcoming issues of Channel.

Crafty Knitwits
Phone: 486 2724

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