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Introducing "The Mat" a yoga space in Milford where you can unravel yourself

We love highlighting exciting new additions to our local community in Channel Magazine. We’ve discovered a real beauty with a new yoga studio that opened in the heart of Milford in early February.

The new studio – called TheMat – is a space dedicated to the practice of yoga, aimed at helping locals discover the benefits of yoga.
A team of experienced instructors await you at TheMat. Natalie, Liz, Selina, Marie and Maddy are all Yoga Alliance Certified and registered teachers with qualifications in Ashtanga, Pre-natal and Kids Yoga.
“We can teach you the correct alignment of your body and help you to keep your joints and your spine safe,” explained Natalie Stettler to Channel Magazine during January. “We have experience teaching beginners and look forward to helping our clients find the right class and teacher to develop their yoga practice. The purpose designed studio is also an ideal space for more experienced practitioners to build and maintain their practice – in a convenient and beautiful space. Our aim is to work with clients to find length and strength in the muscles of their body and mind.”
The Mat have classes to suit your needs:

  • Do you get recurring back pain, headaches or other muscle/joint pain?
  • Would you like to improve your muscle tone and lose weight?
  • Have you injured yourself recently or in the past?
  • Have you recently had a baby and would like to find our way back to your body?
  • Are you an athlete needing to improve flexibility or core strength to balance out your training?
  • Would your kids like to try out yoga?
  • Are you expecting and wanting to learn more about how to care for yourself during your pregnancy?
  • Do you feel nervous about being in a class full of overly flexible women...?
  • Are you curious about what yoga is and want to try it out?
  • “Guys” - are you nervous about being in a room full of flexible women...

“We are all available to answer any questions or concerns that people might have,” added Natalie. “We offer one-on-one tuition where we can address specific issues with careful attention, and work towards getting those interested integrated into a class.”
TheMat is located at 107 Kitchener Road in Milford, between the Barber Shop and Air New Zealand, near the intersection with Milford Road and Dodson Avenue. Parking is very easy around this area.
Phone 963 2352, visit or like them on Facebook to be kept up to date with the latest news.

Meet TheMat team…


Moving to New Zealand and having my first child provided me with the opportunity to pursue my love of yoga and train as a teacher. Opening TheMat is the realisation of my dream to make my passion my profession. Yoga (and motherhood) have taught me to look to the future and let go of the past, they connect me to the present moment. My background is pro sport, I used to ski race and then worked as an event planner in the Swiss Alps. I am fascinated by anatomy, physiology, and how the mind and body work together.


I began my yoga journey in Tokyo in 2004. I won an air ticket to NZ from a radio station promo, and following my interest in yoga began 2 years of intensive teacher training in Auckland. I apply my yoga skills on a daily basis, working with the body and mind to build awareness and develop confidence and self esteem. I am now a NZ resident with a kiwi son, and my practice helps me with the many challenges of being a busy mother.


I was born and raised in the beautiful Hokianga. I was lucky enough to stumble upon yoga about 9 years ago. That day I caught the yoga bug! Now I read yoga books, talk yoga, watch yoga on TV and socialise with other yogis. Yoga has taught me to take myself to where I think my limit is and then push a little bit more.  With yoga I find I can achieve things I would have previously imagined to be impossible – this being physically, mentally and emotionally. I am a mum with one daughter who inspires me to keep practicing and become a better role model for her .


I am a kiwi, born on the North Shore, grew up in Milford and went to Milford Primary. I first found yoga about 12 years ago. My first teacher, who was 74 at the time, is who inspired me to want to learn more and to teach. I later found Ashtanga yoga. Coming from a background of running, tennis and netball I connected with this dynamic and flowing form. It was only later I realised the depth of yoga and the difference it makes to every part of my life. I currently work in Human Resources and have done for nearly eight years. Yoga is what keeps me grounded during the stressful times. I recommend yoga to anyone of any age, ability or background as a way to balance the busy lives we lead.


I am a dedicated yoga student and am committed to a positive lifestyle and wellbeing, which I love to share with my students. I started practising yoga at 15, when I tagged along with my mum to an Iyengar yoga class. I loved it, and soon, I was the one dragging Mum to the classes! While at university, I tried an Ashtanga class with my best friend at the Auckland Yoga Academy and felt an immediate connection with this amazing practice. The rewards of a regular practice soon became apparent ‘off the mat’ – physically, mentally, and emotionally. As a result of this deep connection, I went on to complete two years of intensive yoga teacher training, and have gained qualification as a Yoga Alliance 500 hours registered yoga teacher.

by Channel Editorial