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Education: Carmel College

Carmel College Top Scholars, Award Winners & 2013 Leaders

The following were awarded at the Carmel College and end of year prizegiving.
DUX: Georgia Whelan. Proxime Accessit: Sophie Wilton.

University Scholarship Winners
Victoria University: Georgia Whelan, Claudia Ibbotson, Lorraine Sorely and Megan Wilson. AUT University: Alex Conway, Grace Ng and Charlotte Marsh. Massey University: Genevieve Coleman.
University of Miami Sports Scholarship for rowing worth US$250,000: Sarah Aschebrock. Award for Outstanding School Spirit:  Kirstie Taplin.
2012 Sports Awards Winners
Service to Sport: Molly Harpur. Outstanding Commitment to Sport: Grace Bergin. Outstanding Sporting Achievement: Tessa Mullins. Senior Sportswoman of the Year: Alex Conway. Junior Sportswoman of the Year: Annika Anderson. Year 7/8 Sportswoman of the Year: Millie Howard.
2013 Student Leaders
Head Girls: Tiana Frittelli and Mwangileni Kampanga. Heads of Liturgy: Libby Whittaker and Tara Spencer. Heads of Student Council: Molly Harpur and Laura Mallon. Heads of Sport: Rebecca Fitzgerald and Roisin Coleman. Prefects: Francesca Alesana-Rennie, Gemma Edwards, Georgia Leddy, Grace Mason, Emma Moxley, Sanne Roschmann, Elena Siljic and Emily Sheldrake.

Students Combine Study with Charity

One of the NCEA internal assessments completed this year by the Year 11 Food Technology students at Carmel was to develop and produce a product which could be enjoyed over the festive season by the people at de Paul House.
The students (Jesse Eichman, Yasmin Agnew, Silvia Salinas and Alexis Melchor) chose a range of products to develop, some of these being rocky road, truffles, shortbread and lemon curd. They had to consider multiunit production and the visual appearance of the final product along with packaging and labelling.

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