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STAND UP PADDLING with Mark Jackson

Have a SUPer Holiday Season!

Twas the weeks before Christmas and all through the house
The family was stressing, even my spouse.
 Temperature’s rising, summer is near,
But what should I buy for presents this year?

The thought of shopping filled me with dread,
While visions of beach breaks danced in my head.
So down Hurstmere Road I went the next day,
When a shop full of stand ups led me astray,

I took the right turn and walked through the door.
I looked all around me, and felt my heart soar.
For what to my wondering eyes should appear,
My problem’s solution, it was sooo clear….

SUP boarding’s the sport we all can enjoy.
It’s easy to learn, and what a cool toy.
Get your board and your paddle; bring a yearning for fun.
This store’s got you sorted, they’re Number One.

They have gifts galore to suit all price brackets;
From gift vouchers for lessons to inflatable jackets.
There are leg ropes and booties, rash shirts and shades,
Paddles aplenty, there’s even “Quickblades!”

As I strolled through the store all cheery and bright,
I saw cameras and wetsuits, and a kiteboarding kite.
And if that’s not enough, there’s still more to like,
Be kind to the Earth, buy an electric bike.

Now on to the boards, there’s so many to see,
 Kiteboards and surfboards, I spotted with glee.
There are SUP boards to cruise on, to race, and to fish,
SUP boards for waves, for whatever you wish.

My shopping is finished, but one thing’s left undone.
It hangs on the wall; it’s called the Stun Gun.
I want and deserve it, my inner self roared;
A present for me, a new paddle board.

Sup Fitness
Check out the latest in our class line up and get on board with the exciting new way to exercise:
SUP Fitness.
“You know that grossed-out feeling you get when you’re at the gym and you go to use a machine and find somebody else’s sweat on it? We don’t!” – Quickblade Paddles.
Want to get a SUPer workout and have fun at the same time? SUP Fitness is a cardio and strength training workout that combines the core strengthening benefits of paddling with body weight exercises like planks, squats, and crunches. SUP Fitness uses the beach and the board to give you a challenging workout that will get you out of the gym and onto the water.  Bring your own board or use one of ours. 
Please note: this class does not provide introductory instruction on stand up paddle boarding. 30 minute introductory stand up paddling lessons are available on request. 

Check us out on Facebook - or give us a call for class times and scheduling - (09)486-6229 or 0220 72 33 53.

by Mark Jackson