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It’s all on at Takapuna Beach this summer, with the legendary State Beach Series now in full swing. Swim, run, paddle or walk your way to fun and fitness by being a part of this iconic Shore event.
The current leaders of various events in the State Beach Series now stand out from the crowds, thanks to a suggestion by Olympic windsurfer JP Tobin. Last month, race leaders in select event categories began to don yellow vests and swim caps to celebrate their position at the top of the results table. Each week leaders keep these if they are able to maintain their lead, or hand over the vest or swim cap to their successor.
Being familiar with the concept in competitive sailing, and, of course, the renowned yellow jersey of the Tour de France, Tobin could see the benefits of replicating the idea on a local level.
“Wearing of the yellow vests and swim caps gives the other competitors, the spectators and the media more of an idea of what’s going on, and also the positions to watch. It’s nice to be able to put a face to a name, as well as just knowing who the leaders are,” said the locally-based Olympian.
The yellow vests and swim caps are proving a welcome addition to the Series, says Event Organiser Scott Rice. He said: “It’s great to see the vests and caps in use. They make it easier for everyone to spot the leaders, providing recognition for their hard work.”

You might be surprised to learn just how beneficial it can be to take your usual run or walk on the sand rather than pounding the pavements
. Not only does it provide optimum strengthening of the lower leg muscles, but it’s also easier on your joints and burns more calories than the equivalent exercise done on a hard surface. Before you start any running or walking on the sand, make sure you have good running shoes, try and keep to the wet, firmly-packed sand near the shoreline and try to stay away from the shore’s slope to avoid injury. Running and walking on sand is one of the best workouts you can get and it will transform your body and increase your coordination. What better way to give it a go than by joining the fun at the State Beach Series every Tuesday evening at Takapuna Beach.

Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect:

  1. You’ll develop more strength in your lower body. Because the sand shifts beneath you as you run or walk, your ankles, arches and calves are more engaged and will become stronger.

  2. Running on sand burns more calories. Studies have shown that people who run or walk on sand burn between 0.7 and 1.1 times more calories per kilometre on each outing than those doing the same on hard surfaces. That’s between 12 and 50 extra calories per kilometre.

  3. You’ll become more coordinated and have better balance by running and walking on sand regularly. The uneven surface of sand not only activates the muscles of your lower body, it also engages your upper body as you subconsciously - or sometimes consciously - struggle to maintain your balance. Your core abdominals, back and shoulders all get a workout as you move through the shifting terrain. Over time, this results in more strength and fluidity of motion, giving you better control over your body.

  4. Running and walking on sand is easier on your joints. Running on a softer surface gives joints and muscles a break from the pounding they take on asphalt or pavement. Every time your foot hits the sand, the impact force is minimal, so your body is subjected to less strain.

  5. You can’t beat the view. Takapuna Beach provides a stunning backdrop for your workout under any circumstances and with the buzz and excitement created by the State Beach Series you can’t help but be motivated to have a great run or walk that’s effective for the body and mind.

This popular summer event is attracting a strong field in the kids’ events, with numbers building every week. Bring your children along to take part and enter yourself into one of the 13 events to choose from on the night. You can also take part with your kids in their race. Discounts apply for families – so take part as a team!

Have a look at photos from the State Beach Series so far and keep up-to-date with events via Facebook: and visit
To find out more about the series, which has a break from the last race pre-Christmas on 18th December and starts up again on 22 January. 
Get into it – enter today!

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