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In late June, YMCA North Shore hosted the annual YMCA Gymnastics Competition.
Gymnasts from YMCA’s throughout Auckland and Hamilton came to represent their Centres and to try and be crowned as the YMCA’s top gymnast.
In total there was 182 Artistic Gymnasts and 12 Rhythmic Gymnasts, 84 of those Gymnasts came from the North Shore.
Alex Blackwell (Boys) and Emma Adamson (Girls) were North Shore’s Top Gymnasts on the day, taking a placing on every apparatus, rings, vault, floor, beam and bar. Emma retained her title as the YMCA’s top Gymnast.
Emma has, in the last twelve months, begun the transition of moving from competing to coaching. She now helps younger Gymnasts in reaching their potential. With over 400 Gymnasts attending weekly sessions at the YMCA North Shore she is not short of eager pupils.
The YMCA caters for boys and girls from two years and up – further information available by calling 480 7099 or at

YMCA North Shore Top Results
Boys Level 1

Troy Sievert took 1st place on Bar and 2nd Place Overall.
Larn Hamblyn-Ough took 1st place on Vault.
Luke Dorward took 1st place on Rings.
Girls Level 1
Stella O’Malley took 2nd place Overall.
Boys Level 2
Otomar Rudolph took 1st place Rings and 1st Overall.
Girls Level 2
Janice Sutjiadi took 1st place on Vault and 2nd place Overall.
Boys Level 3
Alex Blackwell took 2nd place on Floor, 2nd place on Rings, 2nd place on Vault, 3rd place on Bar.
and 2nd place Overall.
Sam Bedford took 1st place on Vault.
Girls Level 3
Maia McBirney took 2nd place on Floor.
Charli Hines took 2nd place Overall.
Boys Level 4
No North Shore Winners but the Overall Boys winner went to Adam Towers of Mt Albert.
Girls Level 4
Isobel Adamson took 1st place on Bar, 2nd place on Beam, 3rd place on Vault and 3rd place Overall.
Lauren Turner took 2nd place on Bar and 2nd place on Vault.
Girls Level 5
Emma Adamson took 1st on Floor, 1st on Bar, 1st on Vault and 3rd on Beam. Emma also took 1st for Overall and 1st for Overall Girls Winner.

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