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People on the Bus: Claudia Tasker

Every day the North Shore buses are filled with our readers going into the city
to study or work. Here’s who we met this month…

Name: Claudia Tasker
Home: Takapuna
Bus: Any bus that goes to the first stop in Takapuna!
Occupation/Title: Media Advisor at Tourism New Zealand   
Fun fact: When I first moved to the Shore I lived in a caravan at the Takapuna Beach Holiday Park (shame the beach café didn’t exist then!)

Channel Magazine: Why do you take the bus?
Claudia Tasker:
It’s so fast and efficient – I can be at work in about 12 minutes even during heavy morning traffic.

CM:    Favourite thing about taking the bus?
       The satisfaction of whizzing past all the suckers sitting in their cars alone, stuck in traffic and looking miserable (well the ones that aren’t texting or putting on their makeup!).

CM:    What is the most interesting conversation you have had on the bus?
    Probably with a young English couple and their two young children and a lorry load of luggage. They were bound for the Takapuna Holiday Park (my old home!). They were sussing out New Zealand with the idea of emigrating. What a great place to start!

CM:    When you are not on the bus, where are we are most likely to find you?
    Probably at work – I’m looking after Tourism New Zealand’s media programme for The Hobbit, and it’s a big project. I also worked on the Rugby World Cup media programme. Otherwise you’ll find me at home in Takapuna or out and about with family and friends on the Shore. There’s no reason to be anywhere else. It’s a fabulous place to live.

CM:    How long have you lived on the Shore?
      Off and on for about 35 years (that’s an age revealing give away!). I lived in England for about 10 years - went there as a young TVNZ reporter, married a BBC reporter I was working with and came home with two children.

CM:    Favourite thing about the Shore?
      Lifestyle, people, proximity to the city, beaches, relaxation – I could go on and on. You feel that change in pace and attitude the minute you drive back across bridge.

CM:    With Martin Tasker as your husband, you must also do a lot of international travel? What has been your favourite international holiday?
      Actually I don’t get to go with him very often, but we did spend time in Valencia for the America’s Cup in 2007 and that was a great experience.

CM:    With winter here in full blast, any tips for staying warm?
      Probably a good brisk walk on the beach, but I’m such a slug I love to be in bed tucked up in the feather duvet, electric blanket, with the paper and a cup of tea.

CM:    Speaking of staying warm, what is your drink of choice in the winter?!
      A trim flat white (how Kiwi is that?!)

CM:    Final question! What book are you currently reading?
   The Larnachs by Owen Marshall – he’s such a great writer. But I also spent several years in Dunedin and have close relationships there, so it’s a story that fascinates me.

by Channel Editorial