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North Shore YMCA – A great place for the Kids

YMCA provides fantastic Holiday Programme
The YMCA provides an exciting range of programmes for preschoolers, school children and teens. This includes gymnastics, dance, basketball, holiday programmes, birthday parties and after school care. During the July school holidays, YMCA is providing a fantastic holiday programme. So if you have to work but want the kids to do something fun these school holidays, the YMCA North Shore is the place for the Y-Kids Holiday Programme.
It can be challenging to ensure that your kids stay entertained throughout the holidays. The YMCA is here to help by keeping your kids busy with a range of inclusive and stimulating activities and experiences for children of different ages, abilities, sexes and cultural backgrounds.
This programme is full of fun trips and activities, all ages and abilities are catered for in three programmes; 5-7 years, 8-10 years and 11-15 years. There is also the NEW gymnastics holiday programme running in the second week for those 5-12 year old budding Gymnasts.
From daytrips around the city to arts and crafts projects, from sports competitions and outdoor games to week long holiday camps, the YMCA have it covered! Their day programmes operate Monday to Friday from 17 locations around Auckland and Hamilton. Holiday camps run from four to six days in length at one of our three picturesque camps located around the Auckland region and offer your child the chance to experience independence, self-reliance and an opportunity to make great friends.
The YMCA holiday programme and camp options offer great value for money and their kind and responsible staff are well trained to ensure that the very best care is provided for your child.
YMCA is the perfect place for your child’s birthday party
Play sports, choose your games, even theme your party. YMCA staff will organise all the fun and games. Let them know and they will do their best to accommodate. Most parties are based on some free play with YMCA equipment and some organised games.
As part of the booking YMCA will provide a lounge/kitchen area for your guests to share in the party food and birthday cake. All you need to organise is the catering for your party.
Whether 3 or 13 years old – let the YMCA team help you make the special day for your young one a time to remember!

YMCA teaches gymnastics, agility and movement skills
The Y-Gymnastics Awards Programme acknowledges the progression your child makes as they develop their skills. Starting with their skill cards at four years of age they progress to our more advanced levels from six years onward where ribbons and medals are awarded.
The Advanced Award Scheme requires demonstration of gymnastic skills and conditioning in a friendly, non threatening testing arena.    
For all levels of the Awards Programme progression to the next level is acknowledged by certificate. In conjunction with Skills Active, the Industry Training Organisation for sports, fitness and recreation, YMCA has developed a training programme for gymnastics instructors.This training programme is the minimum requirement for all of our staff.

These exciting classes let your child explore the wonderful world of dance. Preschool classes introduce the young ones to dance and rhythmical movement. Fun songs and props add to their enjoyment. Children are encouraged to experiment with movement in small classes that aid individual development.
As your child progresses to the older classes they will experience more of the dance styles of the youth eg. Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz and Modern Dance. Classes cover basic dance and movement skills culminating in a choreographed dance.
The dance teachers are passionate about music and movement. They are committed to ensuring your child has a fun time at the classes and that they have some progression at their own pace. These are not high pressured classes.
Quite often there is an end of year display so the children get the opportunity to perform to family and friends. This is always a fabulous event.

YMCA North Shore – 5 Akoranga Drive, Northcote. Phone 4807099. Visit:

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