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OPTOMETRY & EYEWEAR with Melissa Hay, Visique Milford

Are your eyes working for you?

Our monthly Optometry & Eyewear column is provided by Melissa Hay, the owner of Visique Milford Optometrists. Melissa studied optometry for five years at the Auckland University School of Medicine and completed a Bachelor of Optometry (with Honours). Her qualifications also allow her to test the eyesight of pilots (CCA Accred.) and to write prescriptions (Oc.Cert.Pharm.).

I couldn’t do my job if I couldn’t see; this is something we take for granted everyday. It is always worth imagining what it would be like if you couldn’t see properly, and therefore couldn’t do your job. It’s not a comfortable thought is it?

We all depend on being able to see clearly, whether our work is driving all day, at the computer or in the workshop. Everyone’s vision requires different types of assistance, from dark sunglasses for driving or rugged glasses that are hard wearing in the workshop. I am hard-pressed to think of someone who doesn’t use a computer at work nowadays. There are many ways we can make your computer vision more comfortable, such as the correct powered lens, anti-reflective coatings or varied-focus lenses. There are so many options.

The only way we really know which option is best for you and your work is by talking to you. I regularly ask people for physical measurements for their working distances – this helps us to get the perfect pair of glasses for them. More recently, people have been bringing in photos of their workstations, often on smartphones.
Technology is changing rapidly and there are many new lenses that can help you work more efficiently and more clearly, so come in and talk to us about what you need.

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by Melissa Hay