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AA Smartfuel: Shop locally and save on fuel

 Now you can shop locally and save on your fuel!

At Channel Magazine we love to encourage our readers to shop locally. In fact we are so keen on it we are giving away a vehicle to encourage locals to spend their money on our home turf. That's why we also like the AA Smartfuel programme that encourages local shopping. AA Smartfuel is all about fuel savings that accumulate. By shopping at local participating retailers you can accumulate fuel discounts to save on up to 50 litres of fuel. It’s available free to all New Zealanders – and there are heaps of participating retailers right here on the Shore.

So how do I save with AA Smartfuel?

To explain how the AA Smartfuel programme works we have these two real examples of fuel savings that have been made.

Example 1: "My phone account’s with TelstraClear, so that was 6 cents off per litre over two months. I saved another 4 cents per litre with light bulbs bought from the local Hammer Hardware. As an AA Member when I got my warrant from AA Vehicle Testing Sunnybrae, I earned another 30 cents off per litre. Then BP had a weekend special if I cashed in my discounts with them, so I got another 8 cents off, that was a total of 48 cents per litre off my fuel bill. All up I saved $24 off my fuel bill when I filled my car up."

Example 2:
"Last month I popped into my local Take Note a couple of times for the kids school books and saved 20 cents per litre. I then bought my meat from Aussie Butcher and saved 5 cents per litre and filled up at Caltex a few times and accumulated another 24 cents per litre, that was a total of 49 cents per litre off my fuel bill. All up I saved $24.50 off my petrol bill!"
How do I participate in the AA Smartfuel programme to enjoy the fuel savings?

If you're not an AA Member, get your free AA Smartfuel card from participating retailers, BP, Caltex or AA Centres. Then you can start earning fuel discounts by swiping your card when you meet the qualifying spend at participating retailers. You’ll just need to register the card online before any fuel discounts can be redeemed. If you are an AA Member then your existing
AA Membership card is already activated and ready to go – easy!
For more details visit
and see a selection of the participating
local outlets detailed on the
following pages.

Belmont Pharmacy
A smart choice for locals

One of the most enthusiastic local AA Smartfuel retailers is Belmont Pharmacy in Lake Road, run by well-known local identity Allan Pollock and his wife Kathryn.

"It is a real point of difference for us," explained Allan, when Channel Magazine popped in to see him in mid June. "This is one of the busiest roads in Auckland. It is estimated we have 30,000 plus vehicles driving past each day and now we have a huge incentive to be the preferred pharmacy for a high percentage of these people. They can save on their fuel with every purchase."
Allan and his wife Kathryn are both pharmacists and have owned Belmont Pharmacy for over 20 years, since 1989. When they first bought the business Allan was one of New Zealand's leading mid-field rugby backs. When they met while attending pharmacy college in Wellington, Allan was a key member of the Wellington NPC team that included famous All Blacks Stu Wilson, Bernie Fraser, Alan Hewson and Murray Mexted. Allan followed 'Shore girl' Kathryn back home and they have been here ever since. He then played rugby for North Harbour and was also the coach when Harbour held the Ranfurly Shield a few years back. He has also had stints coaching at Toyota and NEC in Japan. He currently oversees grade coaching at the East Coast Bays Rugby Club.
The Pollock family live locally, close to Takapuna Beach. "We love living so close to the beach. It's one of the best urban beaches in the world. We are very lucky," says Allan.
In addition to offering AA Smartfuel savings, Belmont Pharmacy also has other major points of differences. Kathryn Pollock is a trained Naturopath, so they offer a range of good health products as well as traditional medicines. The focus of the seven-strong Belmont Pharmacy team is very much on providing the best service around health, so they don't stock non-health items such as sunglasses and perfumes.
"With AA Smartfuel, we really feel we have an advantage over other pharmacies offering FlyBuys and the like," adds Allan Pollock. "We are the only pharmacy in this area to offer AA Smartfuel savings and with our local service station being BP – that redeems the AA Smartfuel savings – the fit is just perfect."

Belmont Pharmacy, 143 Lake Road, Belmont. Phone 445-8247.

by Channel Editorial