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Buy Local & Win!  A 2012 Toyota Yaris banner

Buy Local & Win! A 2012 Toyota Yaris

At Channel Magazine one of our key missions is to encourage locals to support local business by always considering buying local first. And we are putting our money where our mouths are!

Through until September 30th 2012 – every time you buy locally (over $50), from a current Channel Magazine advertiser, you are eligible to enter the draw to win our sensational new 2012 Toyota Yaris motor vehicle. This is no “entry-level” vehicle. It is a superb motor car. A brand new model, a spunky little beast, complete with mag wheels and leather upholstery, supplied by our good friends at North Shore Toyota. So every time you spend over $50 with one of the advertisers in this magazine – you can place an entry. Then you are in the draw to win!

Entering is simple: For those who are internet savvy the easiest way to enter is online. Simply go to and enter. If you are not internet savvy then keep this magazine handy. We have included four entry forms in this issue, so all you have to do is complete the entry, drop it to one of the boxes at the entry points (as detailed) and you are in to win. Most important though, is to make sure that you always provide proof of purchase in the form of a receipt. If you enter online then photograph or scan your receipt and upload it. If you are entering by completing the printed entry form, then attach your receipt. Entries must have a valid receipt. All entries are being scrutinised and any that are in any way incorrect will be excluded from the grand prize draw. Remember, you do not get an entry for every $50 spent, but an entry per transaction over $50.

Note: As this is a competition being promoted by Channel Magazine (and not necessarily the advertisers/retailers) there are no entry forms available where you are making your purchase. The entries are online, or by completing the printed entry forms in your monthly Channel Magazine. You can also download entry forms in PDF form from the website ( Refer to the Channel Magazine website for full conditions of entry.
Why should you Buy Local? It’s just good for our local economy. Spending your money locally, in your local community and not on overseas websites etc., just makes sense to us. Sure, it’s old-fashioned, and at times might cost a few extra dollars, but it’s a much better option long term. It’s what makes our local world go around. It provides cashflow, employment opportunities and much more.

by Channel Editorial