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Netball season well under way

Netball is well underway for the Winter season. The tens of thousands of weekly visitors to the centre have returned like migrating birds. Annually this visitor statistic sits at approximately 398,000 and is comparable with the Auckland Zoo of 427,000 which makes AMI Netball North Harbour (NNH) a significant facility under the Auckland Council Structure.
Netball North Harbour has 16,000 members and delivers a variety of competition, tournaments and programmes. To deliver these programmes effectively alongside NNH staff, passionate trained volunteers are essential.
In an effort to keep the sport affordable (and played by as many people as possible) Netball is a sport that relies heavily on volunteers so that we can meet the demand. From the Board of Directors to our three executive committees that assist staff in delivering the game. Add to the mix all of the representative coaches, managers, umpires and physiotherapists that take our developing players to tournament then the numbers start to grow significantly. But go beyond that and add every school and club team that has a coach, manager and umpire then you can see that the numbers swell immensely. A conservative figure of 3000 volunteers support Netball on the North Shore.
June 17th to 23rd is National Volunteers week. A time for us all to recognise and value our volunteers especially the mums and dads who contribute so much time and dedication to Netball.
Netball North Harbour is committed to ensuring that all volunteers work in a safe and healthy environment and are given all relevant information to the role. We also ensure effective communication between volunteers and the volunteer coordinator, including feedback, meetings, newsletters and recognition of efforts.

If you are interested in supporting Netball, we would love to have you – please phone the Volunteer Coordinator Teri Doody on 4810941 or by emailing
Thank you to all of our volunteers!

By Adele Lendich, CEO
of Netball North Harbour.

by Adele Lendich