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SKINCARE with SkinSense

Lira Clinical - Improving the overall health and vitality of skin

With over 30 years experience in the medical skin care industry field, Lira Clinical – available from SkinSense – is intent on improving the overall health and vitality of skin.
Lira’s revolutionary skin care products offer solutions for real world skin challenges. Their unique properties and benefits meet or exceed the rigorous requirements of international plastic surgeons, dermatologist and beauty therapist.
Lira clinical products are paraben free and combine exclusive plant derived Stem Cell Technology with age defying peptides and healing minerals to achieve youthful looking healthy skin.
Lira Clinical synergises nature and science to deliver skin rejuvenation at a cellular level. Lira Clinical has a range of controlled in clinic peels, consisting of: Pumpkin Peel – Gentle peel, reduces fine lines and wrinkles; Sal Pulp Definer – Reduces problematic skin and acne; Lactic Clear Definer – Brightens and lightens pigmentation and rehydrates and dry/dehydrated skin; Hydroxy 30 Rebuilder – Reduces fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin texture; Mineral Jessner – Restores severe acne and acne scarring; Mineral TCA – Repairs deep wrinkles and photo damage.
Lira Clinical has a salon treatment or home care product to treat all skin concerns and conditions.

For further details contact: SkinSense, 53b Victoria Road, Devonport
(Ph 445 7077) and 5/35 Apollo Drive, Mairangi Bay (Ph 477 2780).

by Channel Editorial