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I Love my Pet - Kayla & Hector

Kayla Dalrymple grew up on a lifestyle block, so she has always been around animals and absolutely loves them.  She says she’s constantly posting animal rights petititons all over her friends' Facebook pages. Kayla is a journalist, and lives in Glenfield with her beloved cat Hector and three flatmates.

Courtney Bennett: What do you love about pets?
Kayla Dalrymple:
I like how animals are so intuitive.  I am a big believer in spirits, so I feel safer if there is an animal in the room come night time as supposedly they can sense them.  I love that there is always someone happy to see you when you get home and how each and every animal has its own personality.

CB: Tell us about your Cat Hector…
Hector is an SPCA special from the Gisborne SPCA (my hometown).

CB: How did you come to own your cat?
Hector was a 21st present - I got to go to the SPCA and pick a kitten. He saw me and ran and climbed like spiderman up the mesh cage, until he was eye level and just stared at me, it was amazing! He is a bit stupid I think but he is hilarious. He also eats a lot and I feel guilty about his rough start to life because he was abandoned, so I feed him whenever he meows in the kitchen. I need to stop doing that.

CB: Do you have any other favourite animals?
I love all animals except for large spiders that get in my zone.

CB: What’s Hector’s favourite hobby?
Definitely eating. Even day-old food you just pick the bowl up and shake it for a bit and he thinks it is brand new again.

CB: What’s your view on social media pages for pets?
I think people should not take themselves too seriously - Hector has a Facebook, and it is just for a bit of a laugh. I know that is really weird but it is not like I do it in a serious way. He has 37 friends (Prince Hector, add him ladies).

CB: You live in a flat, how do you find having a pet in a flatting situation?
I think it is great.  My flatmates love Hector and if I am away for a night there is always someone to make sure he gets fed!

CB: Is the North Shore a pet friendly place?
Definitely. You only need to walk down Takapuna Beach at 5pm to see how many dog lovers there are.

CB: I wouldn't be without Hector because…
He is continuous and free entertainment, and although the banter is lacking he is still a good time to hang out with.

by Courtney Bennett