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Chasing the perfect photo and loving it!

Photographer Scott Taylor is a North Shore lad, born and bred, and he’s truly someone who loves what he does!  Scott is a professional sports photographer (specialising in photography of swimming, biking and running events). He also shoots all sorts of other occasions from music events, to weddings, through to family photos, corporate events, travel photography and photographic tuition, under the name Scottie T Photography. He’s an accredited member of the International Sports Press Association (AIPS) via New Zealand Sports Journalist Association (NZSJA). Channel’s Courtney Bennett interviewed Scott to learn more about what makes him so passionate about taking the perfect photo.

Courtney Bennett: What makes you passionate about photography?
Scott Taylor: I love capturing the moment and telling a story through photography. I get the biggest kick out of coming up with concepts for my clients and seeing them put in place to improve their brand and products.

CB: What’s the secret to taking a good photo?
ST: Look for the right light. Photography is all about light.

CB: Have you always been a photographer?
ST: No, I was a Knowledge Manager for the Royal College of Surgeons in England for eight years whilst also taking on photographic assignments - mostly live music events at night and sporting events at the weekend.

CB: If you could take anyone’s photos, who would be the subject and why?
I really enjoy taking images for professional sports people capturing the essence of who they are, and I also undertake a handful of weddings each year, which is a great honour.

CB: Where’s the best place to take a photo on the Shore and why?
ST: The Shore is a fantastic place for photos with loads of amazing landscapes and places to shoot. I love Devonport though as it has a bit of everything.

CB: What do you do in your spare time?
What is spare time?

CB: Who is the photographer you most admire and why?
I truly believe that the only photographer you should compare yourself to is the one you used to be. Having said that, Peter Bush is an inspiration, as is Delly Carr, who is the best known Triathlon Photographer in the world who I regularly work alongside with.

CB: If I wasn't working in my job, I would like to work…
Not at all interested in anything else but if I had to - a Knowledge Manager... earning a decent living and most likely working for someone else!

by Courtney Bennett