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Claire Peat is an osteopath living in the heart of Takapuna with her sister Voni and works on the Shore too. Having grown up over 'the over side' of the bridge, Claire is thoroughly enjoying the relaxed lifestyle on the Shore. Channel Magazine put a few questions to Claire about apartment living and life in 'Taka'.

Courtney Bennett: How long have you lived in Takapuna?
Claire Peat: Three years.

CB: Have you always lived on the Shore?
No, I grew up out in West Auckland.

CB: Why is the heart of Takapuna such a great place to live?
Everything is on my doorstep. Takapuna is fantastic community to live in and I am in walking distance to everything - a beautiful beach, a huge variety of cafes and restaurants and great shops. I never have to worry about parking or parking tickets.

CB: What’s your favourite way to exercise around your neighbourhood?
I belong to Bevan McKinnon’s swim squad ‘Fitter Swimming’. We swim at Takapuna Primary School’s outdoor pool. Thankfully it’s generally warmer inside the pool than out. I also love the coastal walk between Takapuna and Milford.

CB: What is your favourite restaurant or café in your area?
Zomer – they have the best hot chocolates in Takapuna. I hosted my friend Mel's baby shower there last year. Clare and Joost were fantastic, they went above and beyond and it made for such an amazing day.  Mel was thrilled.

CB: You live in an apartment, what’s the best part about apartment living?
The convenience. I can just close the door behind me and never have to worry about the house, my security or property maintenance.

CB: Do you work locally?
I work in Albany.

CB: Is there anything to complain about around Takapuna?
Not for me. I really enjoy living in Takapuna and it suits my current lifestyle.

CB: Do you have a favourite local event that you look forward to?
It’s not so much an event but I really enjoy the Yoga classes at Lululemon on a Sunday. Not only is it a great workout but it’s a really good chance to meet other people living in Takapuna, catch up with old neighbors and have a good gossip with my friends. It’s always followed by bacon butties from the Takapuna Markets.

CB: Do you get Channel delivered to your letterbox every month?

CB: If we moved out of Takapuna we would move to...
Bali. I love it there!


by Courtney Bennett