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Living the Life in Bayswater

Jeshua MacDonald’s view of Auckland's cityscape is probably one of the best around. The 24-year-old lives with five others in a rented historical house on the Bayswater cliff looking out to the harbour and city. The house, complete with an indoor bar, chandeliers and other beautiful historic features, is close to the ferry and Belmont shops and is ideal for his commute to the city where he works for Telecom. Jeshua talked to Channel about why he loves Bayswater already after only a few months of living there.

Courtney Bennett: How does a group of 20-somethings end up living in your amazing place?
Jeshua MacDonald:
It had 6000 views on Trade Me when we enquired about it’s availability so we appreciate that we are extremely fortunate to live in such a beautiful house with so much character.

CB: What do you like about Bayswater?
Bayswater has a community feel of a small town and everyone is very friendly. It’s a slice of paradise with Takapuna and the city within close reach.

CB: Where is your favourite café in your area?
The Baker Fresh Lunch Bar and Bakery on Lake Road is our local! Its got 1990’s prices and you must try a frank roll!

CB: Do you catch the ferry to work?
Living next to the Bayswater Marina means I can catch the 10 minute ferry to the CBD. It’s relaxing being on the water early in the morning.

CB: Is there anything to complain about Bayswater?
Nothing at all if you don’t have to commute via Lake Road.

CB: Do you have a favourite local event that you look forward to?
The Sunday markets in Takapuna are a treat.

CB: Where is the best place to take visitors in your area and why?
The Marina is beautiful, or a short drive to Narrow Neck Beach.

CB: Get Channel delivered to your letterbox every month?
I think so. I’ve only been here for a few months but I am looking forward to reading Channel.

CB: If we moved house we would move to...
I would only move reluctantly, I would stay on the shore and look in Bayswater first. But sssshh its Auckland’s best kept secret!

by Courtney Bennett