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Channel Pets: Christy & Daisy

Christy Stead lives and works in Takapuna and can often be found walking her dog Daisy around the neighbourhood. Growing up, Christy’s family always had pets. There was 'always room for any waif or stray' - as she puts it! Over the years, the family have had a three-legged fox terrier, a puppy who was found living with it’s owner in a car and another who was found chained to a fence. As a result, Christy is passionate about animals being de-sexed to prevent future unwanted pets, then re-homed wherever possible rather than buying from pet stores. Channel Mag interviewed Christy about her passion for all things related to our four-legged friends...

Courtney Bennett: What do you love about dogs?
Christy Stead:
Dogs are loyal, goofy, sensitive friends who are always up for an adventure!

CB: You have your own loyal dog, tell us about her?
: Daisy is a cantankerous 14-year-old terrier crossed with a disobedient monster, her quirks make life with her a rewarding challenge!

CB: Do you have any other favourite animals?
I'm obsessed with pigs - they are such intelligent, sensitive creatures who deserve much, much better than intensive factory farming which deprives them of their basic needs. My dream is to have a small block of land one day where I can have pigs, perhaps some ex-battery hens and as many of life’s unfortunate creatures as I can manage!

CB: You are passionate about rescue dogs, is Daisy an SPCA dog?
There are so many animals who end up needing new homes, through no fault of their own. Adopting rather than buying is a great way to get an amazing pet! I hold a belief that your pet finds you, rather than being chosen - that's how Daisy came to me too.

CB: I know you are into health and fitness, where are your favourite dog-friendly walking spots?
We love Mairangi Bay since we can be there from 5pm during daylight saving. Kennedy Park is off-leash year-round, which means Daisy and I can swim together on hot days. Sanders Reserve in Albany is great fun with some gumboots and a jacket in winter for a change of scenery, it's a bit off the beaten track too.

CB: As for picking up the doggy doos?
It always seems a little strange to me to pick up something which breaks down naturally and wrap it in plastic to dispose of it – but absolutely, it’s an owner’s responsibility to clean up and ensure we can keep sharing the spaces we are so lucky to have.

CB: What's your view on showing dogs at competitions?
I don’t know much about pure-bred animals except admiring their good looks as they pass by us on the beach!

CB: Is the North Shore a pet-friendly place?
Absolutely – it’s no problem at all for Daisy to be just about anywhere I want to be, which includes our favourite cafes in Takapuna and Milford.

CB: I wouldn't be without Daisy because:
Beach walks wouldn’t be the same and I’d never get the feeling of appreciation that comes from getting home to a dog that has been waiting
for her dinner!

by Courtney Bennett