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Janey Carter is Les Mills' resident BODYBALANCE® Guru and recently she’s been running classes with a difference - outdoors on Takapuna Beach! The classes have become hugely popular, so Channel Magazine sat down with Janey to chat about why she is so passionate about fitness and the Shore.

Channel Mag: We understand you were born in the UK Janey, tell us a little bit about yourself…
Janey Carter:
Yes I was born in Brighton, England and I moved to New Zealand when I was one. I’ve got a brother who is 11 years older than me and sister who is eight years older than me. I am an auntie of four cute humans now.
CM: What did you study that led you to Body Balance?
I did all sorts; primary ballet, dabbled in jazz and hip-hop and found my niche in contemporary dance at university. I graduated with a Bachelor of Dance from AUT in 2010. I have performed with AUT Dance Company, Trip Stumble Fall Company and The White Wall in festivals in Auckland, Dunedin and Coromandel.
I also run a kids’ dance teaching business called Pocket Rockets, based out of Stanley Bay Primary School.
CM: How did you come to work at Les Mills?
I started working at Les Mills Takapuna part time on reception in 2007 and began teaching Body Balance in 2011. I completed my first advanced instructor module in 2012 and travelled to Thailand last year and visited Yoga Thailand on Koh Samui. I have also recently qualified in the CXWORX programme.
CM: What are your favourite things about living and working in Takapuna?
Originally hailing from Stanley Bay in Devonport, I was skeptical about leaving the nest and flatting in Hauraki but turns out - I DO RATHER LOVE IT! I love meandering down to the beach, while learning my Balance tracks on my iPod. I love our Friday post-balance-class-ritual of heading to Takapuna Beach Cafe for Eggs Benedict and sometimes a freezing cold dip in the sea. It’s always great to see so many familiar faces from Les Mills Takapuna out and about too. I also enjoy the quinoa salad and plum margaritas at Mexico. And I LOVE that we are lucky enough to have a new vege patch in the garden at home!

CM: What do you most enjoy about teaching outdoor Body Balance?
Teaching body balance outdoors is something I have wanted to do for a long time. It just makes sense. We are very lucky to be surrounded by so many lovely spots here on the Shore… beaches, parks, bush. To combine all the things we enjoy the most and make us feel the most alive and invigorated allows us to appreciate the whole experience more I think! Music, movement, breathing in fresh air, sunshine and bird song makes for a pretty rad combo! In our first class as we lay down for relaxation at the end, tiny light drops of rain were landing on our faces and the tuis were singing in the trees, we couldn't have planned it that good.
I also love the fact that our class is inclusive. As it's free, anyone can now attend and we give easier and advanced options so that it caters for people of different ages and abilities, which is awesome for me, because combined with my dance teaching I now get to move with people from age three to those who are in their 70s, which is pretty special.
CM: Any grand plans for outdoor Body Balance® in the future?
The next stage for me would be getting to do this all around the world in other beautiful locations.

Body Balance classes outdoors are on every Sunday at 9am throughout February next to the Takapuna Beach Café, The Promenade in Takapuna.

by Channel Editorial