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Shore Perfect for Professor - Ted Zorn

Professor Ted Zorn heads Massey University’s College of Business, with an office based in the heart of the university’s Albany campus. He oversees more than 300 staff, along with the research and teaching programme for some 12,000 business students.
He’s an expat American who moved ‘north of the bridge’ to take up his job with Massey University at the start of 2012. Before that he actually lived south of the Bombay Hills – Hamilton to be precise – and worked at Waikato University. An expert in organisational change and workplace wellbeing, Professor Zorn has found the Albany campus an exciting and positive place to work. He also loves the North Shore environment – the green spaces and coastline, as well as the access to one of the country’s most innovative business communities.
He shares his five favourite things about the North Shore.

  1. Innovative North Shore business community: The North Shore has a wonderfully dynamic business community that really works together to build the economic success of the region. You only have to look at the list of finalists in this year’s Westpac Auckland North Business Awards to see the breadth and quality of the firms here. Massey sponsors the Excellence in Innovation Award so the awards ceremony is an event I look forward to every year. I also try to attend as many of ATEED’s business networking events as I can to build better connections with local businesses – and I always come away impressed with the positive attitude and innovative thinking I see.

  2. Totara Restaurant: This is my favourite restaurant on the Shore. It’s tucked away in a leafy corner of Albany with a cosy and intimate setting. The service is top notch and the food excellent. One day I will order something other than the confit duck leg with red wine reduction. Maybe.

  3. Massey campus: I am going to risk accusations of being biased here and put my place of employment on my list. I really do think the campus is an amazing place – both in terms of its architecture and natural environment, and also the intellectual activity that takes place within its walls. The students give the place a youthful buzz and there is always something interesting happening somewhere. I would encourage North Shore residents to visit when they can – whether it’s to hear one of our professors give a public lecture, to watch a movie during one of our foreign film festivals, or to just see the facilities at the annual Open Day. Make the most of having a world-class university on your doorstep – I promise you will learn something of interest.

  4. Takapuna retail precinct: I always enjoy wondering down Takapuna’s high street. On the one hand it’s compact and manageable; on the other it has a great and varied range of shops and eateries. I particularly like the innovative approach exhibited by The Department Store. What a creative idea – to have a single retail space, but to divide it into ‘departments’, effectively different shops, in the style of a traditional department store. Somehow it manages to be traditional and modern at the same time.

  5. Multicultural population: From the European feel of The Department Store to the exotic smells of the Glenfield Night Markets, I think one of the North Shore’s strengths is its cultural diversity. As an expat myself, it’s always nice to meet others who have chosen to make their home in this special part of the world. The expat communities have brought their food and culture to the area – so it’s possible to buy South African biltong or Korean kimchi, or to celebrate Chinese New Year and Diwali. Yet we’re all part of a cohesive North Shore community. 
by Channel Editorial