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Andy Gore - Why I Love the Shore

With the 2013 football season kicking off, we hear from North Shore United Association Football Club Chairman Andy Gore about his ‘Five Favourites on the Shore’. As a member at the Allen Hill-based club in Devonport for over 45 years, Andy has progressed through the ranks and still takes to the field with the spirited Over 40s team at the club. Born and bred in Devonport, Andy now lives in Takapuna and works as a buyer with Atlas Concrete, one of the sponsors of the 125-year-old football club.

  1. The Greenery: The hills, grassy areas and recreational spaces are just fantastic here on the Shore. The areas we have here are quite special and you don’t fully appreciate them until you leave. They are often what make people who do leave, want to come back!

  2. NSUAFC: I believe everything goes in cycles - in the 1970’s and 80’s we were up in the top league and have recently spent time in the second division. But having been promoted back to the Northern League 1st Division last season, I feel things are on the up for the club. It’s starting to get more of a club feel about it, a bit more stability. I think team sports are great for kids, and for everybody; you have got to work together, accept people the way they are and take the good with the bad. Just like in life! The club has also been great socially for me – it’s like another family!

  3. The Water: I lived in London for a while and I really missed the water. The murky River Thames just wasn’t the same as the water here! I don’t think I’d ever want to move too far away from the sea in future.

  4. Mount Victoria/Takarunga: This is a special place for me. I was born on the slopes of the Mount, on Buchanan Street, and went to Devonport Primary School up there. It’s such a special place that I actually wrote a poem about it once, which actually won a local competition! It’s just one of those places that mean a lot to me.

  5. Big Buddy Mentoring: I thought it would be a good idea to get involved with this organisation that helps fatherless boys, to give something back. I have a young boy of 11 who I meet up with once a week. We meet for about two or three hours at a time and don’t have to do anything, sometimes we just hang out. He’s now playing football at the club and he’s doing well. There’s a huge need out there for boys to have positive male role models in their lives. You can make a difference to someone’s life by giving just a couple of hours a week. (The registered charity has an office based in Takapuna:
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