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Five Favourites On The Shore: Peter Raos

Peter Raos has been working as a glass artist on the Shore for 34 years. He lives in Devonport with wife Prue, who also works in his Queens Parade Gallery. He creates his glass art in his garden studio, and when not creating, enjoys helping Prue in the garden, cooking , cycling, beach walks, movies and the occasional glass of Pinot Noir. He tells Heather Vermeer about his five favourite aspects to living on the North Shore.

Peter Raos
5 Favourite Shore Things

The renowned glass artist shares his five favourite aspects to living on the Shore.

1. Beac
esh: A favourite thing about the Shore is the beaches, we can walk the water’s edge and marvel at the iconic Rangitoto from many different aspects, I think of Rangi as our “great pyramid” icon which is so close we hardly think about it, yet it is such a strong reminder of the forces of Nature. So the first thing about the Shore for me is our beaches with strong connection with nature and the sea. My best beach walk is at the low tide from Narrow Neck to Cheltenham in the early morning.

2. Chiasso Coffee: Another favourite thing is Chiasso Coffee from Wynyard Street in Devonport. Brendan and Val run a friendly unpretentious coffee roasting business and Chiasso Coffee is part of my daily indulgence, a time to sit and chat with my wife Prue while the coffee sets us up for our day. I have recently tried roasting my own beans for fun with mixed results. I know I can always rely on the professionals at Chiasso for a consistently good product , my favourite blend called “Pacific” is not even on the list any more they make it up for me, it is mostly New Guinea beans mixed with Columbian I think, not too dark a roast I like the brown chocolate colour and the creamy texture. No sugar!

3. Devonport Village: Another favourite activity is shopping in Devonport Village. Since we set up the Peter Raos Gallery in Devonport 10 years ago, village life has become a very social experience, New World supermarket is also a centre of village life and it is very rare to go there and not catch up with at least one friend or neighbour.

4. Bridgeway Northcote: Another favourite thing is heading to Northcote to the Bridgeway Cinema to meet friends for a glass of wine and see a movie, great that we still have an “old school” movie venue that is commercially viable. We also try and park close to Antiques and Angels so that we can look in on Sheridan Keith’s lovely pieces. Such a shame that “The Vic” in Devonport ran into difficulty last year. We did go there a lot last summer, and hope that the new managers are able to make a success of this venue this year.

5. Shore Community:
I suppose my main “favourite” aspect of the Shore is the real sense of community often seen in the number of clubs run by volunteers. Be they sports and sailing clubs or others like Rotary, Lions , Schools, Folk Music, Church Groups, Art Groups, Garden Circles, Book Clubs, people like to get together and pursue their common interests, often with incredible results with individuals and teams excelling on the world stage. I know at different times with our children growing up here our family has benefitted from involvement with these community groups.

by Heather Vermeer