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Q&A: with Steve Dunstan from Huffer banner

Q&A: with Steve Dunstan from Huffer

Huffer is here!

Huffer lands in Takapuna this month with a big, bold bang.
Channel’s Heather Vermeer talks to co-founder Steve Dunstan.

‘El Summer’ party marks the opening of the shiny new McKenzies store bringing the streetwear giant to the Shore. The fiesta, being held as our September issue comes off the press, also marks the brand’s 15th birthday and celebrates its part in NZ Fashion Week - all in the same week.
Stirring new Huffer campaign imagery, shot by legendary US photographer Mark ‘The Cobrasnake’ Hunter, is providing visuals for ‘El Summer’ which is ‘a tribute to the dirty sub-tropics of Amexica’ and gives Takapuna a glimpse of what to expect from the new store.
Channel’s Heather Vermeer put questions to Huffer co-founder Steve Dunstan ahead of the McKenzies launch:

Heather Vermeer: Welcome, Huffer, to Takapuna. Why did you choose to be part of the new McKenzies project?
Steve Dunstan:
Takapuna back in the 90s was a retail mecca, but it has had its challenges. With the McKenzies development, it's brought about a new
aesthetic - it really feels in line with HUFFER, especially with their vision and the surrounding businesses, our new neighbours!

HV: What, to you, is the North Shore's vibe?
Lifestyle. From someone not spending a lot of time here personally, it's surprisingly closer to the city than people think. I feel like it's accessibility meets lifestyle, with a relaxed beach culture. It feels really active too, like NZ’s answer to Bondi Beach living.

HV: Which Huffer lines do you expect to be hot here?
With the additions of retail experiences like The Department Store, I feel like it's filling a need for people that appreciate style and quality. Particularly where we're concerned, we have high quality fabrics and a really good fit to our garments.
We think our range of easy-wearing dresses for the girls and the button down shirts for the guys will be really popular. This new range is heavily inspired from the beach streets of LA, to Takapuna Beach! The aesthetic is going to suit the area really well, aspirational and accessible.

HV: Talking of lines, Huffer for spring seems heavy on stripes...and ‘burrito party’ prints. What's influenced the look this season?
Collectively the vision for this range has been realised. It's really a true depicture of the El Summer range that gives a nod to the dirty sub-tropics of Amexica, the idyllic fantasy of the Amexican Dream in the gritty reality of everyday life.

HV: Any clues on what's coming for summer?
There is a real depth of the range resulting in casual essentials with beachy Aztecs, stripes and Hawaiian prints. The menswear is a Sandlot Kid’s inspired collection of classic cuts in sun-faded, marled fabric with plenty of block colours.
The womenswear has a loose, casual feel including washed blues, browns and warm reds with plenty of patterns, polka dots and a bit of silk thrown in for good measure.

HV: NZ Fashion Week- what does it mean for Huffer?
The timing works perfectly for us with the exciting commitment to the new Takapuna store. We figured why not showcase and put limelight on Takapuna and the surrounding community? For us it also means that we have an opportunity to celebrate 15 amazing years of HUFFER with all the people close to our brand. And, celebrate Takapuna and the amazing place it is!

by Channel Editorial