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Look out for Lakes

 There’s a new duo on the Shore that are making waves around the New Zealand music scene. This month, Channel introduces you to Lakes. Anna Henvest caught up with Toby Edgar and Liam Jacques for the scoop...

It’s difficult to get the search result you’re after when you type ‘Lakes’ into Google. Even ‘Lakes NZ’ is a detour – but when you finally stumble across the ‘Lakes’ you’re searching for, you find two 19 year-olds making what can only be described as fresh and innovative tunes.  Their debut single ‘Circular Motion’ has achieved mainstream airplay and has caught the attention of Channel FOUR’s Decent Exposure. They’d describe their sound as ‘Electronic Soul’ and listen to the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Odd Future and Marvin Gaye to seek their inspiration. 

By day, Edgar works at restaurant Mexico and Jacques is studying Sound Engineering at university. It was September 2013 when the pair met at a party. “We just talked about jamming. Then we just jammed the next day,” says Edgar.  A Lakes song comes about in the typical way that the band seems to operate – quite casually. “We’ll just be jamming and then send it to the other person and they’ll put their input in and we’ll go back and forth I guess,” Edgar explains. “We both do everything, both just make our own music, we’ll come together with stuff to share and then we’ll muck around with it and whatever comes of it will be a song and we might use it if we like it.” 

This year has seen an album release from the duo, Reflections of the Night Before. The album was put up for free in the hope of attracting more listeners. “You can get someone to download one track but if you get them to do the whole album for free, then you have everyone knowing all your tracks,” says Jacques. “Which is good especially ‘cause we’ve just starting out gigging, everyone knows all of our tracks and so our set list can be done pretty much straight away.” Following its release on May 20th, Edgar and Jacques have been pleasantly surprised with the reception it has received. “It was cool. Heaps of people liked it. We tried to get our mates all involved with the Facebook page first. So we got them all involved and then we released it and we got a good reception. We got about 500 downloads. So 500 people had our music on their computer so that’s cool,” says Toby, chuffed I might add. 

“No one has said they hate it so it can’t be that bad,” jokes Liam. The video for the popular track ‘Circular Motion’ is getting airplay on some of New Zealand’s top music channels. The video was directed by Edgar’s cousin who was keen to get involved after being shown their music. “Circular Motion was the first track we made. I was just kidding around when I made it and we jammed that and made it into a song real quick. That’s what made us feel like we could make it some more,” says Edgar. And it’s that hunch that ‘this could turn into something more’ that has fuelled the duo’s journey so far. On the current New Zealand music scene, Jacques thinks we Kiwis are onto something special. “I reckon it’s got some good potential. Some of it isn’t realised yet but that’s why I’m keen to be a part of it. We could be onto something cool.” And they are onto something cool, and it only takes a listen to ‘Reflections of the Night Before’ to realise it. “We’ve got big things coming. Watch out!” Edgar chimes. 


The Top Ten

What is your favourite spot on the North Shore?
Liam Jacques & Toby Edgar
: Mount Victoria.

What are your pet peeves?
Bad speakers!

Who is on your iPod right now?
I’ve been jamming Earl Sweatshirt’s ‘Hive’.

What would you save if your house was on fire?
My computer.
TE: Yeah same, probably my laptop. 

Where is your dream destination?
LJ & TE:

If you could pick one artist (dead or alive) to collaborate with, who would it be?
LJ & TE:
Marvin Gaye.

What is something few people know about you?
Liam regularly loses his phone and his car is named after my cat, Harold.

What are three things you would take to a desert island?
LJ & TE:
Alcohol, a laptop and some headphones.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I literally have no clue.
TE: For me it’d just be cool still doing music. No matter where we are, I just want to still be doing music. 

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
When my sister’s mate said I should stand up straighter and stand up for what I say. Pretty much, don’t appear insignificant. 

by Anna Henvest