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Passionate about Cats and Kittens Lonely Miaow Volunteers

 Lonely Miaow volunteers are passionate about cats and kittens, and we are positive too! We believe that by giving our time we can make a positive impact on the lives of thousands of stray and abandoned felines.

Every day we receive calls about injured, starving and lonely cats and kittens. On a yearly basis we rescue close to 600 cats, with numbers growing each year as our volunteer database expands.

These cats do their best to survive on residential properties, commercial and industrial building sites or patches of bush, but the suffering many of them endure is heartbreaking. They have a daily battle with dangers such as disease, starvation, dogs, and even people. When they arrive they are often covered in fleas and their stomachs filled with worms, the most obvious signs of the poor condition they have been in. Many are totally afraid of human contact.

Currently we have a backlog of hundreds of cats who need help in most parts of Auckland from Albany to Howick, Papatoetoe to Green Bay, and this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Lonely Miaow relies on generous discounts from vets, grants from Trusts and Lotteries, and donations from the public to survive.

One of the key strengths of Lonely Miaow is that we are volunteer-based and have minimal overheads so whatever money we have is directed straight to the cats and kittens.

A rescue cat always knows how lucky it is, and they are forever returning our investment of time and money with all the love and affection that they can give. We always need more foster homes and rescuers, so please volunteer now.

For more information visit: or phone 575 9760

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