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I've Been (positively) Thinking...

Thinking about... Health & Fitness

I've been thinking... about how lucky we are to live in a time when we are spoilt with fantastic health and fitness professionals.
Health and fitness is unashamedly a big part of Channel Magazine, and we really value the content that is provided by this sector. The Shore is spoilt with great operators in health, fitness and wellbeing.
Being in my 50's and challenged by all the good (and bad) things in life, I really appreciate the passion, professionalism, encouragement and motivation provided by the quality people I entrust with keeping my vertically challenged middle-aged body in some sort of shape!
For over five years now I have trained in group fitness classes two to three times a week with personal trainer Selva Thankamani. Selva has become a real identity in Takapuna and plays a big part in improving the fitness and wellbeing of locals of all ages. I drag the old body out of bed religiously at 5.45am every Tuesday and Thursday to attend Selva's group fitness class that includes a wide cross-section of people. Young people, small people, big people, men, women and those aged into their 60's. I personally get a thrill doing these sessions with my daughters, both in their early 20's. Thanks to Selva's energy, humour, encouragement and professionalism he makes these sessions – that can be bloody hard for an old bugger – very enjoyable. So enjoyable, they have simply become part of our lifestyle.
As well as this group fitness with Selva, I also endeavour to attend Pilates sessions at Pilates Unlimited in Takapuna at least twice a week. Those who know owner Carole Fraser understand her passion for Pilates. She runs a great business. My Pilates instructor is Ray Medemblik, who has been a personal trainer and a massage therapist and is now a level five certified authentic Pilates instructor. You can tell that Ray just loves what he does and this makes these sessions very enjoyable and something I really look forward to.
I deal with many different industry sectors and I reckon the health and fitness sector is one we should really celebrate. There is a common theme that the people just love what they do and the hugely positive contributions they are making to our lives. I guess it comes from seeing the results from the people they are working with. I salute their passion and professionalism.

I've been thinking...
about the fantastic national election result in late September. I am a huge admirer of John Key and what he has achieved since becoming PM in 2008. It was pleasing that despite the huge effort that went into what amounted to a character assassination of the guy by opponents, that voters saw through it and gave him a clear mandate for a third term. The stability will be great for the country.
What I was also impressed by was Key's humility following the election. As I write this I have just watched his in-depth interview with John Campbell on TV3. An interview that only reinforced the fact that New Zealander's have made a wise decision. There was not a sliver of arrogance, just a strong focus on making our special little country even better than it is now. Life is good! 

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by Aidan Bennett