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From the Editor

On the morning this issue is going to print, it’s one of those blue sky, wall-to-wall sunshine starts to the day. It’s a hopeful sign of things to come as we move the clocks forward and enter the daylight saving days of summer. 

It’s also the end of the school term and I know my son and I are among many feeling ready for a break from the routine and ready to get outside to enjoy the better weather. There is an abundance of school holiday activities for children to try here on the Shore; sports and arts-based programmes to inspire their young minds and get their energetic bodies moving.  And, as the weather takes a turn for the better, it’ll be nice to simply get outside and enjoy the incredible natural environment we are blessed with here. To feel that sunshine on the back of the neck always feels so good as summer nears!

Whatever’s on your wishlist this month, give our local businesses your support and shop on the Shore. Our style-savvy staff member Claudia Renford has put together a fabulous new Shop the Shore feature, which encourages you to do just that, with a selection of some of the most on-trend pieces being sold locally.  We also introduce a new Q & A column from the North Shore’s Auckland Council representative, Councillor Chris Darby this month, in which he also addresses this shopping locally theme. He discusses what Council is doing to encourage people to shop on the local ‘high street’ as opposed to shopping online. 

On the local shopping theme, there is plenty happening at our shopping centres this month. Shore City celebrates its 40th anniversary in October and is offering shoppers the chance to win an amazing trip to New York to mark the occasion. The mall continues to go from strength to strength. As does Milford Centre, where this month they introduce two home design store heavyweights, Citta Design and Red Current to the Shore. 

Ahead of this issue, I was excited to meet up with the man behind the Kiwi movie The Dark Horse, which has been winning over audiences and critics here and abroad. Writer and director James Napier Robertson was a fascinating and very humble character to interview for our cover feature this month. I hope you enjoy reading his story. And if you haven’t yet watched the fruits of his labour - the movie consumed the past four and a half years of his life - I can’t recommend it highly enough. It has been dubbed by various reviewers ‘one of the greatest NZ films ever made’ and I whole-heartedly agree.

- Heather

by Heather Vermeer