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Living by the Beach in Mairangi Bay

Sarah Kane-Dorreen lives on the Shore with her Husband, real estate agent Andrew and their two kids Ruby and Jack. Having lived in a number of different spots around the Shore, Sarah now resides in Mairangi Bay and loves living near the beach. Channel Mag caught up with Sarah to find out about life in the Bays.

Courtney Bennett: What do you love most about living in Mairangi Bay?

Sarah Kane-Dorreen: Our house is around 100 metres from both Murrays Bay and Mairangi Bay beaches, which is great for our two children. Murrays Bay has the sailing club and the wharf, and Mairangi Bay has the bustling village feel, great restaurants and cafés and such a relaxed beachy atmosphere. 
SKD: Yes and no, it’s been a bit of a change. Up until March I’d always lived in Takapuna and Milford, but we chose a great spot to build our new family home by the beach and thought we would give Mairangi Bay a go! My husband grew up there so he is a fan of the area.
SKD: Definitely the Mairangi Village children's playground. A lot of fully fenced fun for the kids! The kids also love the beach and walkway between Mairangi and Murrays.
SKD: The only negative is lack of beach clean up after storms. Smelly seaweed... Ruby (my daughter) in particular finds this quite offensive! 
SKD: I guess you could call us creatures of habit - we dine at Papermoon far too much! Coffee, breakfast or dinner…we are there most days!
SKD: We have only been here for four months so unfamiliar with any local activities yet. We are really looking forward to summer this year and what it brings. 
SKD: Hmmm hard question! You could visit our beautiful beaches all the way up the coast, have a shop in Takapuna, walk up and slide down North Head. Where we live is so beautiful. Lucky us!
SKD: The cliff top walkway - totally unique and absolutely world class. 
SKD: Certainly do. 
SKD: Well that's a tough one. We have just built our first home, primarily for the kids. I guess we may move back down to Takapuna or a nice spot on the seaward side in Milford when the right home/section pops up. For now we are keen to enjoy what  we have just created. 

CB: Have you always lived locally?

CB: Where are the best places to go with kids where you live?

CB: Anything to complain about in Mairangi Bay?

CB: Where’s the best place for brunch and dinner in your area?

CB: Do you have a favourite local event that you look forward to?

CB: Where would you recommend visitors go to when they visit the Shore?

CB: What’s the best walking route near you?

CB: Get Channel delivered to your letterbox each month?

CB: If we moved we would move to …

by Courtney Bennett