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I've Been (positively) Thinking...

Thinking about... Our talented youngsters

I've been thinking... about how good our future is with the quality of our young folk.

An organisation that I am hugely proud to be involved with is the North Harbour Club Charitable Trust, as a member for 15 years, a trustee for over a decade and current Vice President. In late June we opened applications for the 19th annual North Harbour Club AIMES Awards, an awards programme through which we reward excellence achieved by the young people of our region across a wide spectrum of fields – the Arts; IT, Innovation and Science; Music; Education; Sport; Community Service. Every year, the quality of the applicants – that can number up to 100 – is truly outstanding. It blows us away, with the standard getting higher and higher each year.
We include a feature on the 2014 AIMES Awards in this issue. In November we will once again hand out grants with a total value exceeding $120,000 to up to 15 local youngsters. If you are aged between 13 and 25 make sure you get your application in by August 8th!
In late June I had the pleasure of attending "A Strange Days Night" a concert at the Auckland Town Hall, celebrating 50 years since the Beatles landed in New Zealand to thousands of screaming fans and played at the Town Hall. I thought I was going to an event at which exclusively old muso's would be playing Beatles numbers. What it was, however, was a mixture of the old and young doing their own renditions of Beatles songs. Some very young. It gave me goose-bumps, the ability and talent of some of these young people, with a number from the North Shore. A highlight was the final set of the night that was Devonport's Tim Finn (of Split Enz fame) playing with his son, daughter and nephew. All of them were oozing talent.
So my fellow 'oldies'. Next time you think about using that old saying "it's not like it was in our day", think again. I challenge you, from what I can see with the advancement of technology and resources at their disposal, our young folk of today are a step ahead. Very positive for our future.

I've been thinking about... how time flies!

This issue signals the start of our fifth year publishing Channel Magazine. Boy has that time flown by.
It is hard to remember back when the magazine was conceived between myself and Peter White from the Takapuna Beach Business Association, with a desire to talk about all the good things happening in our local community.
There were a few 'naysayers' back then about the likely viability of the magazine. But we got traction very early and quickly went from that 60 page first issue to over 100 pages a few issues later and it has stayed around the 120-140 pages ever since.
45 issues later I am very proud that Channel Magazine is now firmly part of our community. We are not sitting still though, look out for new initiatives both in print and online in the months ahead!

Feedback on Takapuna Beach Playground Feature...

Since we ran the article last month on the excellent proposal from Takapuna locals Jackie Kerridge and Chris Reeve to fund and gift a well-overdue (best in New Zealand) playground for Takapuna Beach, we have had some great feedback and things have moved on. My only hope is that the Local Board now see some sense and embrace this unbelievable offer and it doesn't get stifled in the usual red-tape. What is there not to like about a superb facility that is going to be funded without any taxpayers dollars to get it in place! We received this feedback from readers, one of which resulted in a Facebook page being established to support the initiative, make sure you like it and complete the online petition...

Aidan, Today I read the article you wrote for the Channel Magazine about the proposed playground on Takapuna Beach and wondered if you knew whether Jackie Kerridge and Chris Reeve needed any more letters written or anything else for that matter?
My husband and I have both often mentioned it would be great to have a playground in the spot they are proposing and found what they are doing very inspiring.  What a wonderful couple!
– Abby

Aidan, I read the article in Channel Magazine regarding your campaign for a playground on Gould Reserve. I am a huge supporter!
I think that many of your supporters and future supporters will be Facebook users and it may be an excellent way to drum up support and even collect “electronic signatures” to put to council.
With your permission I would like to start up a “Takapuna Beach Playground Supporters’ Page” on Facebook.  I already know plenty of people who will be interested in it – I am a mum of two young boys and have school/kindergarten communities behind me.
Please let me know if this is OK as I would like to use some content from your article.
– Sarah

I want your positive feedback...
Send your positive feedback to me. We are interested in interacting with readers.
Email me... or send to Channel Feedback, PO Box 33-1630, Takapuna.

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by Aidan Bennett