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FACE IT: Beauty with Amanda Care

Make your beauty treatments last

Channel’s resident beauty expert, Amanda Care of Face It in Devonport, gives readers a monthly insight into what’s happening in the world of skincare. This month she shares how to…

It’s that time of year again, when thoughts of summer come to mind and the party invites start stacking up. When you take a long, hard look in the mirror to assess  winter damage, on your skin and body. Then you call in the professionals (like me) to get you looking head to toe perfection in no time!
So how do you avoid chipping those freshly painted toes? What can you do to make that post-facial glow stay? Check out my tips below and learn the tricks to get more bang for your beauty buck.

Maintaining manicures and pedicures.
Traditional polish is designed to last up to five days but you can stretch it to a week by

  • Avoiding chlorinated water in the first 12 hours, which chips the polish.
  • Apply a fresh top coat every other day.
  • Apply moisturiser to your feet and cuticles after showering.
  • Avoid tight, closed toe shoes that wear the polish off.

Staying smooth down below.
Waxing the bikini line beats shaving hands down as the most time efficient method.

  • Don’t shave between waxes. It will create stubble, which will make your next wax less effective and a mediocre result.
  • Use PFB Vanish roll on solution daily after showering to prevent red rash or ingrown hairs.
  • Exfoliate 2-3 times a week.
  • Make your next booking before you leave the salon. You’ll thank me when you have a weekend away in 4-6 weeks’ time, but can’t get in to see me beforehand!

Keep eyebrows in line.
Eyebrow hairs take 4-6 weeks to regrow after a wax, follow these rules for  D.I.Y
between waxes.

  • Use decent angled tweezers on any strays.
  • Only remove two hairs at a time. Step back from the mirror and check before
  • removing more.
  • Don’t alter the shape, you’re only grabbing the strays.
  • If you’re unsure leave it to the professionals, better to pay $20 than have uneven brows.

Prolong the post facial glow.
A good facial is the ultimate for recharging your skin (especially one with Ultraceuticals products!). To maintain that post facial glow........

  • Exfoliate twice a week.
  • Use a mask at home once a week.
  • Invest in a cleanser with AHA/BHA to polish the skin daily.

I’m sure you’ll find something helpful in these tips. Have a beautiful November, and don’t forget I’m always here to help with any beauty dilemmas you may have.

by Amanda Care