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Does your Air Conditioner smell like old socks?

Rob Bonnici is the Car Guy. Rob lives, eats and breathes car cleaning products and services. Having a background in chemicals, car cleaning products and now owning a seven day a week car cleaning and grooming centre, he is without a doubt the most passionate and the most knowledgeable car guy in New Zealand. Rob, along with his wife Siobhan, owns Car-fé facing the motorway in Barry’s Point Road, Takapuna. Rob is more than happy to help you out with any car cleaning issues. Email: or Phone 488-7000.

Does your car have a stale odour or unpleasant smell every time you turn on your air conditioning unit? But you don’t know why it smells?
Before getting involved with Air Care sanitiser, I used to be like the average Kiwi when using my air conditioning unit in my car.

During summer I would turn my aircon onto full with the unit set on recycling air mode because this cooled the car down faster due to the unit only trying to cool the air in the car. And likewise for winter, blast the hot air on full with the unit still set on recycle so the air would heat faster.
I never stopped to think that my air conditioning units’ filter was continually conditioning the same air not considering that with the massive fluctuations in temperature the unit has to deal with creates a breeding ground for mould, bacteria and fungi.
As the mould and bacteria builds up, it begins to release its distinct odour which is that old car smell you get when you hop into your car each day.
With this all left untreated, over time can potentially lead to your health suffering and create an odour better left for your teenager’s bedroom.
Getting your filters treated is an easy 10 minute job which can be done at
Car-Fe Takapuna with no booking necessary.
Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to call
09 4887000 to discuss. Regards, Robert & Siobhan Bonnici.

•  Cleans the A/C evaporator and air ducts.
•  Eliminates harmful bacteria that can grow in the A/C unit.
•  Eliminates any other contaminants in the A/C unit.
•  Kills odours and any unpleasant car smell such as smoke odour.

by Rob Bonnici