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To call himself a "North Shorian" is one of Cam Calkoen's proudest traits for it is in this environment that he is inspired to make a difference and be the best that he can be. From athletics, through to community service and motivational speaking Cam has locally, nationally and internationally represented our region with pride and built networks into the many subcultures of our North Shore community. He is a monthly contributor to Channel.


Facebook, Twitter, www, SMS a whole heap of ‘new age’ jargon which for some people appears to be “double Dutch”. Whether you’re a lover or a loather of the cyber revolution this has brought around new ways for communication, socialisation, business, environmentalism – the list really does go on.

Personally, I’d class myself as a mainstream lover of the cyber revolution. I know that it can do great things but it generally takes me a while to cotton on to it’s effect. I was not one of the first to get a Facebook account and have only recently experienced the power of Twitter, projecting a thought (Tweet) from my living room to the computers and phones of the millions within minutes.

For the youth (aged 12-24) of today they are what I call natives of the cyber revolution. Where I was born with bottle and spoon in my hand, they arrived with cell-phones and laptops at their fingertips. With this Facebook, Twitter, www and SMS aren’t just a tool of life but a way of life that youth focused organisations are acknowledging and investing within.

My conscious was brought to this just last week when I wanted to promote an event that I’d tailored towards youth, so I called up YouthworX (an organisation for all youth focused community groups on the Shore) to see how best I do this. They have connected with over 100 youth organisations to recently create, a tool to put young people in touch with events, opportunities and organisations of interest to youth, thanks to this I could now promote my event easy peasy!

When you plant an apple from seed you never know what kind of apple you’re going to get, therefore each apple is unique a bit like people. Appleseed recognises this difference and is a place for youth to access information, promote events and identify events that exist to empower their journey, so like an apple they can grow and bring new flavour to this world.

Appleseed is an exciting new brand of YouthworX and a medium for promoting, exposing and raising awareness of news and views, events and resources available to and for youth. I recommend a visit to the new for all who are connected to youth through work, family or interest, and further explore part of this cyber revolution.

Cam Calkoen is a Motivational Speaker, Ambassador for the YES Disability Resource Centre, Ambassador for 0800WHATSUP, Paul Harris Fellow - Rotary.

by Cam Calkoen