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University Professor gives Top Marks to The Poynton!

Professor Graham Vaughan and wife, Jan, had not given much thought to the support staff at The Poynton when they chose to make the village their home.  “One takes one’s health for granted.  It was more the secure, lock up and go lifestyle that suited our busy lives, that was the factor,” they noted.

Both very involved in the local community, Jan with extensive Probus duties and Graham’s commitment to co-authoring Social Psychology text books, made the maintenance free lifestyle at The Poynton most appealing.

So it came as quite a surprise when one Saturday evening, a couple of weeks ago, Professor Vaughan took a tumble in Auckland city on an uneven gutter with a trolley full of books. Being dark and cold, he thought nothing of it, desperate to get home. It was after taking a shower he noticed a rather large gash in his shin, bleeding profusely, that needed urgent medical attention. It was then that he realised how ideally located The Poynton was, neighbouring North Shore Hospital and just across the road from Smales Farm Accident and Medical Clinic.  Knowing that both of these outlets would be extremely busy at this time, with long queues and a wait in the reception area on the cards, he was relieved when he realised a call down to The Poynton reception area was all that was needed to get medical care.  Within minutes after making the call, a Poynton staff member armed with an abundance of supplies arrived at the door.
As Professor Vaughan sat in the comfort of his chair with his foot raised, a glass of red wine in one hand and the TV remote with access to his favourite sport programmes in the other, his leg was deftly attended to by the efficient Poynton staff member.
The service did not end there.  For the next two weeks, Professor Vaughan strolled down to the medical care area where his dressing was monitored and changed every couple of days until it was well healed.
“It was critical I had a speedy recovery with my huge commitments", the professor noted, “it was vital I returned to the croquet court while I am still on top of my game”, he chortled with a twinkle in his eye!

If you would like to view the village and its facilities, pop into
the Open Weekend on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th August,
from 10am to 4pm.

The Poynton - 142 Shakespeare Road, Takapuna.

by Channel Editorial