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Phoenix Theatre presents: Merry Men, The Rose Centre, August 30th to September 8th banner

Phoenix Theatre presents: Merry Men, The Rose Centre, August 30th to September 8th

Merry Men
‘The Bad Boys of Browns Bay’

Dennis Lewis, author of ‘Merry Men’, has always been a fan of Robin Hood the famous English outlaw. As far as he is concerned there is only ‘one’ film version and that’s the one made famous by Errol Flynn.

When the Lewis family moved to New Zealand in 1977 they decided to live in Browns Bay on the north shore of Auckland. Their family house was on the Sherwood Estate and both of the Lewis children went to Sherwood Primary School. In the vicinity of the estate is Robin Hood Lane and King Richards Place but it’s taken 35 years before Dennis thought about these factors and began to generate ideas for his new play.
‘Merry Men’ is centred in modern day Browns Bay where a successful gang of burglars, dressed in green (of course), steal from the rich and give to the poor (themselves). All of the traditional characters are there with Robin, Marian, Will, John Little, ‘Deep Fry’ Tucker. There’s even Mark Sherriff (from Nottingham).
Robin and Mark are flat-mates and earn their living from the same industry... crime! Robin is the leader of the Merry Men and Mark is the local, not too bright, cop. Robin has been ‘using’ Mark to assist in his escapades for years and Mark is none the wiser!
But the fun really starts when the ‘Merry Men’ burgle the home of the local, randy, MP Kevin Baldrick. However, during the robbery, they make one, big, mistake that could land the whole gang ‘inside’. It takes all of their devious skills to keep them one step ahead of the law!
Dennis has written and directed two other full length plays as well as several one act plays. In the past Dennis has also directed and acted in other plays as well as a number of pantomimes for Torbay Theatre, Peninsula Players and Phoenix Theatre. He, his wife and son are all members of The Showstoppers variety performers, who currently have several forthcoming shows on the North Shore. Dennis still resides in Browns Bay.
Merry Men, ‘The Bad Boys of Browns Bay’, shows at the Rose Centre, Belmont, from the 30th August until the 8th September. Evening performance commence at 8pm and there is a 2pm matinee performance on the 2nd September. Prices: 30th August, 1st September, 4th September $15.  All other nights and matinee $25; $18 concession.  Bookings on 445-9900.

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