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One Night of Queen
Fri 10 August , 7.30pm, Sat 11 August, 7.30pm
NOW Sunday 12 August, 7.30pm

One Night of Queen, performed by Gary Mullen and The Works is a spectacular live concert, recreating the look, sound, pomp and showmanship of arguably the greatest rock band of all time. Featuring hits such as I Want to Break Free, A Kind of Magic, We Will Rock You and – of course – Bohemian Rhapsody. Last night I would probably have believed that the band performing were the real Queen and that Mullen was the real Freddie Mercury if I had not been aware that he died in 1991 – The Press, Christchurch, New Zealand
TICKETS: A Reserve - $ 77.00


Wednesday 1 August –- Sunday 2 September
Come to the exhibition and solve the code breakers. Sometimes a phrase or quote connects with you and makes you smile or nod with affirmation. In this exhibition I have been inspired by well known novels and quotes. Design and code breaker by Sue Cole, Photography by Doug Cole.

Morning Melodies: Westlake Boys and Girls Band
Monday 6th August at 11am
Tickets $5 purchased from Bruce Mason Centre Box Office.

Keith Barry – ‘BRAIN HACKER’
Wednesday 8th August at 8pm
World’s leading mentalists, brain hacker and hypnotist. Audiences should prepare for a riveting, mind-boggling one-man show, comprising of brain trickery, hypnotism and seemingly unbelievable and unexplainable mentalist activity not seen before in New Zealand. Be amongst the first in New Zealand to fall under the spell of Keith Barry live – but only if you dare!
Tickets: $59.90.

Glenfield Has Talent Thursday 9th August at 7pm
Glenfield has Talent will be an evening of culture. Glenfield schools delight in the chance to showcase the talent they have within their schools and promote programmes and opportunities they provide. “Glenfield has Talent” will be an evening of culture, song, dance, music and performance.
Tickets: Adult (13+ years): $9.95 / Child (1-12 years): $6.

Opera Series 4th Event
Sunday 12th August, 2.30pm – Singer Surprise
Here’s our own Mystery Escape, in which we reveal the new Dame Malvina Major Young Artist, or introduce an international artist from one of our mainstage productions, or ... watch this space! Regardless of the surprise, it'll be pleasant one, and a highlight of this exciting inaugural series.

Tommy Emmanuel & Guests
Frank Vignola (USA) Thursday 16th August, 8pm
Two-time Grammy nominee Tommy Emmanuel is one of Australia’s most respected musicians. The legendary guitarist has a professional career that spans five decades and continues to intersect with some of the finest musicians throughout the world.

Barry Hilton – Travelling Chameleon
Saturday 18th August, 7:30pm
One Night Only in Auckland Direct from sold-out shows in the UK and Europe, Barry Hilton, South Africa’s favourite cousin and Stand Up comedian, will be performing his Stand Up Chameleon show at the Bruce Mason Centre. With his ability to blend into society and a tongue quicker than a chameleon’s, The Cousin, Barry Hilton continues to evolve with the times and stays ahead of the (entertainment) pack. Bursting with new material, hilarious facial expressions and off-the-wall physical antics, Barry’s new show is not to be missed.

Auckland Symphony Orchestra
Free Family Concert Sunday 19 August, 2.30pm
“Stage & Screen” – Music from movies, musicals, ballet and opera, featuring West Side Story, Star Wars, Swan Lake, a special “Sound of Music” sing-a-long, plus other popular orchestra favourites. Joella Pinto - Violin; Albany Singers; Peter Thomas - Conductor

Magnolia Street
Tuesday 21st August at 10am
Magnolia Street – Be careful what you say –  it just might happen. Jake hates the new inner-city street his Mum has dragged him to — it’s full of oddballs! The biggest oddball of all is Mrs Booth, an elderly resident who shows Jake an unexpected side to Magnolia Street. It’s a quirky world where 1944 might be just around the corner and magnolia trees have hearts.
Ideal for 8 to 14 year-olds
TICKETS: $12 + booking fee

Direct from Las Vegas Thursday 23rd August, 7.30pm
Direct from Las Vegas, Oh What a Night! is a show that celebrates the hits of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons in an entertaining format that internationally has had the audiences singing along, clapping and cheering for more.
The four seasoned performers – George Solomon, Chris Anderson, Thomas Bevan and  Josh Woodie - not only sing the hits and hit the high notes for which Franki Valli is famous; they also dance expertly and entertain with humorous banter in the great Vegas tradition. This award-winning 2 hour tribute show covers the gamut from earlier hits such as Sherry, Rag Doll and Walk Like a Man, through to 1970s favourites Who Loves You, and Grease, as well as the more melodic love songs, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You and My Eyes Adored You.

Men in Tutus
Friday 24th & Saturday 25th August, 8pm
From the thrilling pirouettes of the male dancers (in male and female costumes) with brilliant choreography to the side splitting humour, LES BALLETS ELOELLE new show "Men in Tutu's" is a show designed for the young and old.
Men in Tutu's" produces bang-up amusement and LOL "Laugh Out Loud" family entertainment for all. Be truly amazed.
Morning Melodies: The Royal New Zealand Navy Band
Monday 27th August at 11am
Tickets $5 purchased from Bruce Mason Centre Box Office.

Little Known Secrets of Anti-Ageing
Tuesday 30th August at 7pm
Today many scientists believe the secrets of anti-aging, healing and regeneration lie, not within costly medical drugs or expensive medical treatments, but in the body’s own Quantum Biofield. More than ever, it is now possible to release the body’s inherent, powerful biological quantum energy circulation matrix. Join us to activate these potent internal systems for your complete REJUVENATION, ENDURANCE, VITALITY & LONGEVITY.
TICKETS: $34.99 Student $24.99 General Admission + booking fee


Royal New Zealand Ballet
The Tower Season of Cinderella
Sat 1st Sept at 7.30pm/Sunday 2nd Sept at 2.30pm
Cinderella – Performed by Royal New Zealand Ballet If you are looking for magic, you will find it here... a breathtaking Cinderella that will enchant audiences lucky enough to see it.
Tickets: Adult Premium $85 / A Reserve $60 / Child Premium $45 / A Reserve $35 + booking fees.

Morning Melodies
The Corelli School of Performing Arts
Monday 3rd September @ 11am
Tickets $5 purchased from Bruce Mason Centre Box Office.

NZ Body Art Showcase 2012
Saturday 22nd Sept at 7:30pm
This years 'The Future' theme will bring a rich flavor of colour, music and dance

Morning Melodies
The Band of Royal Regiment of New Zealand Artillery
Monday 24th September at 11am
Tickets $5 purchased from Bruce Mason Centre Box Office.

by Bruce Mason