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The Financial Assistance Package (FAP)

Our CHANNEL Building and Home Maintenance column is contributed on a monthly basis by Alex Coburn QPC Builders. Alex and his team are refreshingly energetic and passionate North Shore builders dedicated to delivering the highest quality work that sets them apart. In this column he highlights the governments leaky home assistance package.

Here on the North Shore the “Leaky homes crisis “ is an ever-growing issue, this affects most plaster homes developed through the 90’s and early 2000’s in some form. As the North Shore had such a rapid growth through this 15-year period there were certainly a lot built in our area. Current estimates are that 42,000 homes in Auckland fall into this category with a total repair bill of over 10 billion dollars.

The Government last year realised that so much money was getting tied up in expensive litigation that could be better spent fixing the problem so they bought out a funding package to help fix those homes unlucky enough to be caught in this predicament. This is an excellent package and if your home meets the criteria you may be eligible for 25% funding from both the Auckland Council and the Government making it a huge 50% off your
repair bill.
There are definitely advantages in taking this package and it’s well worth looking into on the department of building and housings
It is a fairly new scheme and we are currently in the process with our first clients at present, but it’s all been very easy. We have reclad a number of homes around Auckland over the last few years, so we know a bit about the process.
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by Alex Coburn