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The 8-week Pilates challenge!

“You will feel better in 10 Sessions – Look better in 20 Sessions - Have a new body in 30 Sessions… when you practice three times a week”
– Joseph Pilates

Pilates Unlimited has an eight-week challenge for male and female clients who are interested in three lessons a week at 9am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting in August. If you are interested in taking the challenge please contact Carole Fraser to discuss the package. The cost is $180 for three private sessions per week.

Carmel Bryne and Erin Fogarty are both loyal long-term clients who commit most weeks to three sessions at the studio. Carmel books in three private sessions with Laiza Lima and Erin books in one with Laiza, one Tower Class and one Advanced Mat Class with Joe Greco.
Carmel says: “It’s all about wellbeing and feeling good. I have been a client for over 10 years and during that time my enthusiasm for Pilates has continued to grow as I enjoy the benefits of improved strength, flexibility, balance and alignment in my day to day life. As well as the physical benefits, I find Pilates great for stress relief. The concentration required to do the exercises means I can’t focus on anything else at the time.”
Erin says: “Over the past nine years I’ve tried many configurations for my Pilates workouts from once a week through to three times weekly. To be honest, once weekly just doesn’t cut it. Pilates three times a week is ideal. It keeps you strong and flexible and enables you to progress to more advanced and varied workouts. I view at it as insurance for my health and wellbeing.”
"It's important to practice what you preach and at 53 I feel great," says Pilates Unlimited Owner Carole Fraser. "I like the mind and body focus of Authentic Pilates and I have a real understanding of how to work from what we call the 'powerhouse' (stomach muscles). Many of the exercises we teach at the studio were developed by Joe Pilates to take into our everyday life and that’s what we promote with our clientele."

So if you are interested in trying Authentic Pilates, we have many options that we can tailor to suit. Please contact us at the studio or visit our web site. Contact:- Pilates Unlimited, 18 Northcroft Street, Takapuna. Phone 486-1018 or

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